A Child Free Trip to Bath

I have driven through Bath many times and every time I have said I wanted to stop and visit it. From the car it always looked majestic and one of those places I knew I would fall in love with. In February the hubster surprised me with a grown up trip to visit this beautiful city without the stresses of a 4yo in a city and my oh my it didn’t disappoint

We’ve realised over the past few years we just haven’t made any time for ourselves or each other, and in 2017 we are determined to rectify that. As much as we love being parents and as much as we love our jobs and being a family unit we both need time out. Whether it’s time out on our own or as a couple we just need that aspect back as without it we don’t function as well as we could do. After dropping a very excited J off at my mums for the weekend we set off on our road trip to Bath. Unfortunately our little Lexi wasn’t too well so we couldn’t stay away for the night but it made us make the most of our time there

We drove towards it on one of the nearby hills and just gasped in sheer amazement as we came over the brow. We couldn’t believe we were finally about to visit this city after many years of discussing it. We finally parked up after a few sat nav mishaps and then went for a walk along the river, heading towards Pulteney Bridge and then stopping for a coffee and cake on the cafe overlooking the river. It was perfect and just so beautiful, it really feels like a romanic city and I think being there in winter added to that, I could have sat in the cafe for hours and admiring the view



If you ever get the chance to sit in a cafe on the bridge you’ll be treated with this view…
And cakes like these!

As we have both got older and with limited time of it just being us two something as simple as a walk along a river and a drink in a cafe becomes so special. We both commented on how grown up we felt – gone are the days of us visiting a city and not actually seeing the city. We recounted days of stopping in restaurant chains for a cheap greasy breakfast, wandering round shops in baggy hoodies and trainers (although they will forever be our ‘go to’ comfy outfits), in place we actually saw the city, admired the buildings and made an effort in general



Having only had 12 hours to research Bath (finding out just the night before) I decided I wanted to visit a couple of the landmarks and buildings, before visiting the Thermae Bath Spa as the sun set. The spa itself is undergoing refurbishment and as such one floor was closed to us, but we got vouchers to attend again before the end of the year and being out in the rooftop pool in February was surreal and amazing at the same time


We can’t wait to go back and see more of this beautiful city later in the year, we’ve decided it will be ‘our place’ where we visit when we have child free weekends

Here are some photos from the trip:

It really is a breathtaking city
The attention to detail is just amazing
Bartlett Street Quarter was a lovely area with trendy independent cafes and eateries
The Circus is a must visit and just on the way to the Royal Crescent
This was a last minute decision to visit, we stood for a while and then walked in a nearby parkland
Bath Abbey at night



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