Away for Mothers Day {Ordinary Moments 26/3/17}

Last week I wrote about being a working mum and forever questioning myself. This weekend sees Mothers Day, a day where many declare their love for their mothers, a day where many may mourn their mothers who aren’t around anymore, and a day where many mothers reflect on their years as a mother. It’s a day for me that I am both grateful for my mum in my life, the ability to be a mum to my daughter, and my lovely mother-in-law too

I’m in Devon with my little crew on a much needed weekend away. It was touch and go as to whether Lexi would be able to join us as she has recently hurt her paw, but we are so glad she has come along. We have laughed, played, been in the sand and spent far less time in front of a screen and far more in front of each other and it’s been perfect

This week I finally feel I have that work-life balance back, I am happy and content, I’m so relieved to be on holiday and the sea air has helped clear my head and make me feel fresh. It’s 8:30pm on a Saturday night and everyone is fast asleep, a resounding success all round from today as far as I am concerned

I may not be the perfect mother, I may not always get it right, but I know that in years to come we will remember this little break away, the day I suggested visiting Woolacombe Beach, and the day the sun kissed our noses as we played, all together as a family, all away for Mothers Day.


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6 thoughts on “Away for Mothers Day {Ordinary Moments 26/3/17}

  1. Karen Austin

    Sherry….I love reading your updates on the fun you guys get up to. Makes me wish I had done something similar with my girls.
    But I fear it wouldnt have been as enjoyable to read. Too much sadness along the way. But now…me and my girls are finally I the best place.
    Have a fantastic Mothers day…enjoy the break. And I will see you soon xx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sherry Cook

      Karen this is so lovely thank you – I didn’t realise you got the posts! I’m sure yours would have been just perfect and they always seemed happy whenever we saw them. I am so happy for you all in your current setups xx


  2. Wave to Mummy

    What a gorgeous photo! It is tough being a working mum – I often feel my balance isn’t quite what it should be. I think my work-life balance is OK in terms of having both, but the rest and recuperation is missing totally. Sounds like you got a nice break here though 🙂


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