Me and Mine {March 2017}

We are a quarter of the way through 2017, resolutions are progressing and we are currently on holiday in Devon, our first family holiday just the 4 of us since J came along. It’s funny, the hubster and I have only had 1 other holiday in the 9 years we’ve been together which didn’t involve other people and that was also in Devon. It’s so nice being able to relax and be a unit revisiting places from pre J, and the age that J is right now has been perfect for this holiday

March has been spectacular and hard all at once. I went to stay up north with my friend at the beginning, seeing the Kaiser Chiefs in Manchester, visiting Blackpool, the Peak District and areas in the north west I would never have considered before. Mid month saw a big week at work, and I practically lived and breathed the office whilst the hubster had to travel to London a few times for his job during the week and on the weekend and we both struggled with the work life balance a little. We also redecorated the upstairs of our house (we being the hubster) right at the beginning of the month and J had back to back parties and a week full of cold. We definitely needed the rest at the end of it!

I really struggled to choose which photo to use this month as we have had so many photo opportunities whilst away, so I have opted to choose 1 from each day from the first half of our holiday. Day 1 had the most gorgeous weather and we headed to Woolacombe Beach which is my absolute favourite. The sun shone, the water glistened, and my girls played happily in the water for a solid 2 hours. I wish I could bottle the day up and relive it over and over again


Day 2 of our holiday saw a visit to the White Lady Falls in Lydford Gorge in Devon. We visited in 2009 and it was beautiful so decided to go again, not really remembering how scary the walk to the Devil’s Cauldron at the end of the walk would be. It’s safe to say my heart skipped a few beats but J loved the adventure, even if her hand had been held pretty tightly! I didn’t take my tripod as it was a 3 mile walk and a really lovely lady took some shots for us but they ended up being blurred, so I rested the camera on the bag and ran back and forth hoping they would capture the scene that lay before us


Day 3 involved a visit to Canonteign Falls and a mad dash to and from the camera and tripod to the slippery rocks at the bottom of the waterfall. Not our best decision (100% the hubsters idea!) but it made for lots of laughs and I actually really like the fact I am on the other side of the waterfall (I really must get my remote battery sorted)


Sherry has loved…

  • Driving around the Peak District on a girls weekend away and getting caught in a snow storm before seeing the beautiful Ladybower Reservoir and Dam
  • Having a newly decorate bedroom, bathroom and office
  • Being on holiday on a working farm and having quality time as a family unit. It really was a home from home and if I could move to the South West I would

Hubster has loved…

  • Teaching J how to play ‘grown up’ Uno and Jenga
  • Repainting the bedroom and surprising Sherry on her return from a weekend away
  • Our holiday to Devon, particularly visiting the Devil’s Cauldron again and watching J at indoor rock climbing

J has loved…

  • Moving her sofa into mummy’s office and surprising her with upstairs
  • Going to her cousins birthday party
  • Indoor rock climbing and bowling with mummy and daddy on holiday

Lexi has loved…

  • Going on lots of Devon walks and being spoilt after injuring her paw


April has our return from holiday, a spa day with my cousin and our annual meet up with our York based friends. All weekends bar one have been booked up but hopefully it will be calmer in general

The outtake this month is J deciding to run to the camera as it started shooting, she’s a bit of a monkey and thought it was hilarious! I love that the dog is looking at her as she sets off, probably wondering why she has to stay on a lead when the other can roam free!


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5 thoughts on “Me and Mine {March 2017}

  1. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    Oh, I love the top one with your husband holding up Lexi! So cute! It sounds like you were well overdue a holiday, I’m so pleased you had a wonderful time. The waterfall photos are stunning – what a place! On a side note – I can’t wait until my son is old enough to play Uno – it’s my absolute favourite! #meandmine


  2. Carie

    Well you can’t beat Devon (I may be biased!!), I thought I recognised that beach too – we used to go on holidays “up north” when I was little because while south Devon has many things, surf is rarely one of them!


  3. Louise

    Sounds like a busy month but what lovely photos of you all enjoying your holiday. I love the two by the waterfalls (and the mental image of you running back and forth made me chuckle – I’m glad it’s not just me that ends up having to do them). Love how happy you all look in the first two photos as well – days like that make the best memories. I can certainly relate to wishing I could bottle a day and relive it over and over again 🙂 #meandmineproject


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