Reconnecting {Ordinary Moments 2/4/17}

We have returned from the most amazing week away in Devon, a much needed family holiday away from the day to day worries and stresses, a week in the countryside with cows in the field next to us and muddy wellies at the door. We have spent so many years holidaying with other people that we wondered if we’d actually be able to do it, our first holiday with J and no other friends or family around, just us two adults, her and Lexi. I won’t lie, we entered our week away with a bit of apprehension wondering if we’d come out the other end as one happy family

We needn’t have worried, every day had a new adventure, new ‘best memories’, quality time together, silly giggles and every day ended with a soaking in the hot tub for J and the hubster. J being a typical high energy 4 year old was hard work at times and demanded a lot of attention even after the 3+ mile walks, but we coped without relying on other children or the iPad babysitter as we would perhaps have done previously

The week away was a roaring success. In fact as we approached the motorway leading towards home on Saturday I was in a pretty foul mood as I just didn’t want to be going back. I didn’t have that longing to be in familiar surroundings, I had a longing and desperate want to be back in the countryside with my little crew. I guess that’s the sign of a perfect holiday, being happy and content with the people you’ve surrounded yourself with 24×7

Many days involved walks and adventures and the odd ice cream (or two), J’s speech has come on leaps and bounds this week as we’ve spent a lot of time talking with her and identifying and talking about things. We’ve had lots of long conversations, insider jokes and we reset as a family. Our 8 year old Lexi even turned into a puppy again, chasing kites (!) running off with J’s spade and jumping waves with her. It’s a holiday I’ll never forget and one I am so glad we finally did together


These photos were from our walk round the Castle Drogo estate on our last day. What should have been a 3.5 mile walk ended up being 5 miles and J was a real trooper throughout, sitting on her daddy’s shoulder right at the very end.

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11 thoughts on “Reconnecting {Ordinary Moments 2/4/17}

    • Sherry Cook

      How exciting – I’m on countdown to my next one which is in July (thank you mum and dad!). I’d love to move to the countryside but city life is where the hubster’s heart is at


  1. Katy - Hot Pink Wellingtons

    I’m so pleased you all had a wonderful holiday – you deserved to after so long! It sounds like everything a family holiday should be. I always get the post holiday blues too – that time together without the distractions of everyday life is the perfect thing to bring you all closer together as a family.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hannah

    I love your photographs, it sounds like you had a brilliant time, that’s my kind of holiday! Its lovely to see some photos from Castle Drogo. We have passed signposts on our way south to Cornwall and the name stuck out after watching game of thrones! We may have to plan a visit next time we pass xx

    Liked by 1 person

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