Waterfalls {My Sunday Photo – 2/4/17}

We visited several waterfalls during our recent holiday to Devon and on one occasion I remembered to take my tripod and remote and practice with the shutter speed settings to create the effect many photographers have achieved and I have always lusted after

For a first attempt (and one that I was trying to take as fast as possible whilst J and the hubster were waiting) I’m really pleased with it. I think I’ll be investing in a couple of ND filters to help with prevention of over exposure as I just about got away with 2 second shutter speed but couldn’t have any longer.

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11 thoughts on “Waterfalls {My Sunday Photo – 2/4/17}

  1. Emma T

    Beautiful shot. I never take my tripod out with me although I have been able to get shots like this. I do have issues with over exposure too sometimes so maybe I should try and find my filters!


  2. Louise

    That is a stunning shot. I never think to take the tripod and try shots like this – I really should give it a go. Love the way you’ve captured the water with the longer exposure time.


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