Cheeky Smiles {Living Arrows 2017 – 10/4/17}

The girl and her curls. The one who tries her hardest not to show you she has a handful of crisps from daddy and then stands there laughing with him at her cheekiness whilst mummy pretends not to notice

This weekend has just been glorious, we have had the most beautiful blue skies in the south and it’s just a shame we have to go back to work and routines. It’s not all bad as we are off to York towards the end of this week and then its a hop, skip and a jump until we’re in Cheshire for a mummy daughter weekend with our friend RH in May

This little girl is so amazing to be round right now. Yes she’s hard work a good chunk of the time, but she’s so full of energy, smiles and love. She’s an absolute pleasure to be around, especially with her cheeky little smile

Linking with Donna for Living Arrows
Living Arrows

7 thoughts on “Cheeky Smiles {Living Arrows 2017 – 10/4/17}

  1. Donna

    Her hair is beautiful and she looks like she has just the best personality. York is somewhere I so want to visit but we haven’t had the chance yet – hopefully later this year! x


  2. mudpiefridays

    Oh her curls are adorable! It sounds like you have some lovely weekends planned. I always try to do something special at the weekend to make up for working during the week. Hope yours live up to expectations #LivingArrows


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