The Mum Behind The Camera

There’s been something playing on my mind for a while and it really came to light this weekend. We were at the beach and there was a group next to us made up of a couple of families. Within that group was a mum with a camera and in the few hours we were there she didn’t put the camera down, spending ages crouching on her knees taking multiple shots trying to get the perfect one, continuously taking photos of her family in front of her, shooing the men out of the picture and pausing the kids from playing to snap away and get them to make continuous poses and smiles

You know what, that lady could have easily been me. Generally I take my photos from afar, I tend to let J play in front and run off with Lexi and the hubster and don’t really interfere but over the last few months I realised I was worrying constantly about   wanting to capture every pose, every change in background and every moment for my photo album and my memory bank

Over the last few months I started to fear I had become addicted to my camera as I just couldn’t put it down. I wanted to continuously snap away at my girl, my family and anything that crossed my path to get the ‘perfect’ picture

I’m the first to admit I have always been the one who has had a camera with me. In my teens, on holidays, family gatherings, nights out with friends and on our many road trips. This was and has never been problem, but I’ve seriously started to worry it could become one, especially on our adventures or the smallest of outings with my little family

We used to have film in our cameras with a maximum amount of shots in it (who else remembers those?) and we are so lucky in this digital age we can snap away and take the best of the bunch, but I’m realising that also takes us away from the best opportunities to put the camera down and play

Whilst I’m not one for running around or jumping up and down I am one who prefers one on one quality time and making special memories to treasure when out and about. Over the last few weeks (with the exception of a holiday) I’ve made a conscious effort to put the camera down more. Instead of sitting there for the duration or trailing behind the group I’ve shoved the camera into the hubsters hand or the bag and I became the mum who joined in

I became the mum who went in the freezing sea with her daughter, the mum who scooted along a viaduct while her daughter ran alongside laughing away as the dog chased us and the mum who sat and cuddled her girl and hubster at the top of our favourite hill. I was even the mum who went to the woods with her cousin and family and actually left the camera at home as I wanted to enjoy the time outdoors and talk to these lovely people I call family


In the short time I’ve been trying this I’ve lived in the moment, not worried about lighting, angles or frowns on faces, and I’ve focused on the beautiful beings that have sat next to me or run alongside me. It’s a long road, I might not be as successful as I hope and I’m still going to take photos as I have a constant longing to improve my photography

My trusty Canon will continue to have a special place in my bag and heart but the key thing is instead of it ruling me and my time with my family I’m going to be selective, take a few shots if I wish and then put my camera down and play and interact, perhaps picking it up again when something silly, funny or amazing happens

I don’t want my daughter to see me as the mum behind the camera and I don’t want every small outing to be overwhelmed by a camera in my hand. I’m hopeful that I’ll  become the mum who takes the camera, but doesn’t let it take her.


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