Traditions {Ordinary Moments 16/4/17}

This is the 6th consecutive year we have spent Easter with our York based friends. Every year we set the time aside for each other, making no other plans while we decide what part of the country we’ll be seeing each other in. As we all have young children and it’s such a long journey the 4 day break is the ideal opportunity for us to get together

I’ve mentioned before that both adults know the hubster from school and I continue to feel welcome and part of their longstanding friendship. This year my mother-in-law came with us, having not seen them since our wedding in 2011 and to meet their third child for the first time

As always the journey on the Thursday night after work was long, but it was so nice hearing the 4 children wake up together on Friday morning and act like they had never been away from each other, running around the house like a herd of excited elephants

As time has gone on J’s relationships with each of the children have developed and altered – previously she was obsessed with the eldest child and wouldn’t entertain the younger two, but this trip she spent equal time with each of them. I think she’ll always have a soft spot for the eldest and both of them being girls will always help, but it was so nice seeing them all together once more

This year we decided to visit Brimham Rocks and do the National Trust Easter Egg Hunt with a spot of rock climbing and a very windy outdoors picnic while my mother-in-law, the youngest and his mum stayed indoors with a coffee. I was told I would love it and my goodness it didn’t disappoint, the only thing I would change is the fact it was such a windy day. We ran, we laughed and we jumped about and it was just perfect

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, chatting, shopping and catching up. They say the best friends are those who can go a long time without seeing each other and carry on like it was only yesterday, these are those people and I love our little tradition.


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2 thoughts on “Traditions {Ordinary Moments 16/4/17}

  1. Donna

    This sounds like the best kind of tradition. I would love friends to do this sort of thing with, year after year – it sounds like you had a great time together x


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