Woolacombe Adventures {Cooks on Holiday}

The first time I visited Woolacombe I was 17 and had travelled down shortly after passing my driving test and I was just blown away with it’s beautiful long stretches of sand, rugged cliffs, and the most gorgeous views. It stole my heart on that holiday and I have been back numerous times since. Most recent was last August with my good friend and prior to that when I was 7 months pregnant with a group of friends, but never with J in tow

We’ve been back from our holiday for 3 weeks now and it’s been so busy that I’ve only just sat down to go through our Devon holiday memories. On the first day the weather was simply stunning and we decided to change our plans and head to the beach with eager anticipation. Once again the view as you approach the bay blew me away, and as we parked on the cliff overlooking the beach I said to the hubster that next time we would walk to Baggy Point and Croyde Bay on the other side as J is currently a bit young to do such a big walk


After a quick family photo J and Lexi ran off, running into the sand dunes, both acting with complete and utter excitement, Lexi like a puppy and J squealing with joy. With it being the end of March we felt that the sea was too cold for her to go in but she kept asking and asking, so we agreed that she could go in and paddle up to her knees



As most parents of young children will know and I am fast learning, knee height is not knee height for a child – she went more than knee depth and ended up pretty soaked up to her waist but was so happy we didn’t stop her. J and Lexi played continuously in the water for quite some time before we decided we would quickly change her and head to the pasty shop (a must visit if you are ever in Woolacombe) and an ice cream


Walking back to the car we agreed J could once again paddle in her fresh change of clothes but once again that didn’t work as expected as she went more than knee height and then fell into the water, getting soaked from head to toe. After laughing with her at her misfortune we pulled off her body warmer thinking she was done but she decided to go back in, still shivering but still squealing with excitement


My oh my I wish I could be back there right now with my feet in the sand, the wind in my hair and just to be free by the sea without a care in the world for any of us. It takes every ounce of me not to pack up and move to the south west but I know that right now it’s not the right thing for me and my family. Hopefully the months, days and hours will lead us to Woolacombe once more for another beautiful day like this


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16 thoughts on “Woolacombe Adventures {Cooks on Holiday}

  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    It’s always great to share your favourite places with your kids isn’t it? J looks like she’s having a blast “knee-deep” in the waves, it’s clear she loves messing around in the water. It’s great that J has Lexi to run around with, I’m sure they wear each other out with their energy.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.


  2. RaisieBay

    I think I was 16 or 17 the last time I visited Woolacombe and I’ve not been back there since. It’s definitely on my list of places to take the kids though. Maybe next month.


  3. Sonia Cave

    We love that part of the world too and fell in love with it when Hubby was based down there when he was in the Royal Marines. To say it is stunning is an understatement! She looks so thrilled and lovely to hear about a child that not only wants to get soaking wet but also laughs it off! It looks like you had an amazing time #countrykidsfun


  4. twotinyhands

    I think I have memories of Woolocombe from when I was a kid and lived in Devon. What a gorgeous beach, I wish our closest beach was like that up here in the North West we have to drive an hour to get idealic sand. I have a feeling kids don’t feel the cold and love a splash about! My son will do exactly the same! #countrykids


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