The Week We Found Out {Ordinary Moments 23/4/17}

This week seemed to take forever to pass. With the Bank Holiday on Monday we always expect the 4 days to move quickly but they often drag, and seemed to even more after we found out about school places for J on Tuesday morning

We had selected 3 as requested and the one we are in catchment area for was our second choice. It’s a really good school, but the one for our first choice (ever so slightly out of catchment area) offered specific things we had been looking for which we hadn’t realised until we had visited the school

Finding out we had our second choice wasn’t a surprise, and J was super excited because it meant that she gets to wear the coloured jumper that she wanted over the other school colours – the simple things in life as always with kids. Even though both schools have great reports and feedback and in the grand scheme of things it doesn’t matter too much I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed

We’ve spent much of the week discussing what to do, school holidays finish today as we would need to be phoning the school tomorrow if required. I’ve had so much feedback from friends, family and on social media, we’ve looked at alternatives, similar stories and even independent schools, but actually we’ve decided to go with the flow. It’s still a great school and a short walk from the house as opposed to a drive and it offers J an opportunity to make friends closer to home

Yes it may not have the extra perks we were hoping for but J was super excited about a coloured jumper and getting the school she wanted as a result. It may seem small and insignificant to us, but actually for a young child that could be the thing that stops her from settling or transitioning easily, and I’d hate for that to happen just because we changed plans as the other school had a few extra perks

This motherhood business is hard work, half the time we don’t know if we are doing it right or making the correct choices or doing the best by our child and this week was one of those. I honestly cannot believe my girl is due to start school soon, that’s gone so fast.


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The Ordinary Moments

5 thoughts on “The Week We Found Out {Ordinary Moments 23/4/17}

  1. Carie

    It’s such a hard decision isn’t it when you won’t know whether it’s right until years down the line. Walking to school is a serious perk and I’m glad she’s pleased about the jumper colour, little things like that can make a huge difference 😀


  2. Little Ladies Big World

    The hardest thing is the not knowing you are right and I know I said we have been through similar with school it’s is tough not knowing if it’s the right thing but all we can do is what we think is right at the time and I am glad you have settled on a decision xx


  3. Donna

    It’s so hard to know whether you are making the right decisions with every aspect of parenting but it sounds to me like J will make friends and be happy wherever she ends up. Especially given the right colour jumper! x


  4. Beth

    It is hard!
    But I am sure she will love the school. My girls are in a school i’m not 100% keen on but they have made some good friends and they absolutely love it. #theordinarymoments


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