Friends That Are Family {Ordinary Moments 7/5/17}

Last year my best friend moved 200 miles away up north to be closer to her family and due to the soaring house prices in the south. Whilst we talk most days her new job involves a lot of travel meaning it’s hard to schedule dates in the calendar and especially hard not to see each other nearly every day

I visited her at the end of February for a child free weekend but the hubster and J hadn’t actually seen her since New Year, which is a ridiculously long time considering how frequently we all used to see each other. Last Friday we drove straight up after work for the bank holiday weekend, the hubster breaking up his drive to Yorkshire for a boys weekend by staying over on Friday night with us all

We arrived in good time and J had been so excited that she had stayed awake the whole journey, she flew out of the car, ran up and gave her the biggest hug which resulted in tears all round

It was so nice to see each other, we spent some of the weekend on a walk, some relaxing at her house, some eating ice cream and some just enjoying each other’s company, sometimes just sitting there in comfortable silence. J clung onto her pretty much all weekend, demanded her attention most hours and although I think she may have been a bit fed up of hearing her name being called every 5 minutes, she didn’t let it show

Thankfully she’s joining us at the end of May for a weekend which will soften the fact we probably won’t see her again until the end of August. J really misses her “Aunty Shell”  but it means that when we see each other we make an effort to have quality time together. She may not be a blood relative, but she is one of the closest friends that we class as family and when she’s not around it’s like there’s a limb missing.  Here are a couple of our photos from our visit to Trentham Gardens last Saturday.



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3 thoughts on “Friends That Are Family {Ordinary Moments 7/5/17}

  1. Donna

    Oh how lovely. It’s so sad when people move, especially those closest to you, but the ones who really matter are the ones who make the time to still see you. It sounds like you had such a lovely weekend x


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