Saunton Sands and Tiverton Canal {Cooks on Holiday}

I’m determined to record our Devon holiday memories before the feelings and moments disappear completely. Day 1 of our holiday was at Woolacombe, and day 2 saw us heading to the beach once more at Saunton Sands as it was another beautiful spring day with blue skies

We arrived and it looked as beautiful as our holiday cottage owners had told us it would be. We went straight towards the water so J and Lexi could play together although it was so windy and the sea was so choppy the hopes and plans didn’t last long. They played happily (albeit coldly!) for a few minutes and I captured my favourite photo of the holiday – of my girls splashing about – before it all fell apart pretty quickly



J found a lonesome crab and developed an irrational fear of going back in the water in case it pinched her toes so we opted to head back onto the beach and put the kite up. The wind was perfect for the kite, although it was also perfect for our little Lexi who decided 8 was the new age to act like a puppy. The kite went up and the dog chased it, pulled it down and ran off with it

We were ‘that’ family you see in a comedy sketch or stifle a laugh at when you see them. J was still irrational from seeing the crab and had progressed into screaming and crying because the wind had started moving the sand onto her, she was soaked and the dog had taken her kite, the hubster was frantically trying to calm her down and change her out of her wet clothes, and there was me chasing after this over excited labrador with a kite in her mouth!

Needless to say the trip was cut short and we all went back to the car slightly deflated and ready for a sandwich. The hubster did an amazing job of calming J down on the way to the car which was lovely to watch


Undeterred we decided to have lunch on the top overlooking the beach (which was stunning) before heading back to the holiday cottage. J snoozed in the car pretty much every day of the trip and every day I captured a photo, it’s so rare for my little whirlwind of energy to sleep in the day but the sea air has a tendency to do that doesn’t it?

The hubster decided on a quick detour to visit the lambs and look at the scenery that we had spent a couple of hours driving past and it didn’t disappoint. I keep saying it, but i would move to Devon tomorrow if I could, and these scenes here are just one of the many reasons why



Before we went back to the cottage we decided to stop off at Tiverton canal and walk the dog again, letting J get a bit of fresh air. We played pooh sticks on the bridge and we had a great time exploring another new area to add to our list. Looking at all of the photos here you wouldn’t think there were hiccups, but it is definitely a day I’ll look back on fondly


Linking with Fiona at Coombe Mill for the brilliant Country Kids

Country Kids

8 thoughts on “Saunton Sands and Tiverton Canal {Cooks on Holiday}

  1. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    J looks like she had a magical time exploring the beach, even if she suddenly decided there were crabs going to pinch her toes. It’s lovely to see J and Lexi running about on the beach together, it’s clear Lexi still thinks she’s a puppy. A walk along the Tiverton Canal sounds like the perfect end to the day, it’s fab that J soon brightened up when you got back to the car and she had a nap.

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.


  2. mammasschool

    A gorgeous part of the world that I fell in love with when hubby was based with the Marines down there. Your photos are stunning, and really loving the one with the huge beach and the dog watching the kite…very cute #countrykidsfun


  3. Louise

    What stunning photos of your day out. I love the one of J and Lexi splashing in the sea together and the one of Lexi on the beach with the kite. I’m not too keen on crabs either so sympathise with J over that one! Glad to hear your husband managed to calm her down 🙂 #countrykids


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