Jumping, Bikes and a Pause {Living Arrows 8/5/17}

I had the best intentions on Tuesday to record last week’s Living Arrows but as some of you will know I gave up caffeine and sugar on Tuesday and last week was pretty much wiped out. That’s for another post but throughout the week there has been a little angel helping me through it and that’s J

This little 4 year old of mine has cuddled with me, switched the lights off to help with my headache, fetched a blanket to keep me warm and to snuggle under with me and also fetched bottles of water from the kitchen for us both. These are all things she has done without asking, just using her own initiative. She is so caring, so loving and so pleasant to be around and I was very honoured to be her mummy this week (although she can be a bit noisy when her nanny makes her a drum out of an old sweetie box and that wasn’t particularly pleasant on Thursday…)

Last week’s photo would have been her pausing at Trentham Gardens to look at the pretty tulips. I love how she takes in the colours, the scenes around her and the beautiful colours that the flowers bring. The simplicity of life through a 4 year old’s eyes is just amazing to watch and it was so nice to revisit this beautiful location again with our best friend


This week J finally got to use her ‘new’ bike. A bike my parents have had for a while, have refurbished and one that is the right size for my tall girl as she was looking a bit too big for the other one. We visited a country park, she kept calling Lexi to catch up with her ‘sister’ as she pedalled on through the trees while we followed as quickly as we could on foot

In amongst the fading bluebells J found the fallen tree that she stands on, balances on and proudly jumps off before getting back on her bike and riding through the rest of the woodland. This weekend was much needed after a very hectic 6 weeks, with the perfect balance of home, outdoors and a few chores in the mix and we’re *almost* ready for the routine that Monday brings.


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7 thoughts on “Jumping, Bikes and a Pause {Living Arrows 8/5/17}

  1. Donna

    Your girl sounds like such a well rounded, lovely little character. So outdoorsy, so kind and so adventurous. Beautiful photos – I hope you’re feeling better x


  2. mudpiefridays

    Hope you have settled into no caffeine more now. I had awful headaches when I was pregnant and I’m sure some of it was down to weaning myself off caffeine. Beautiful tulip photo so pretty. #Livingarrows


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