Life Without Caffeine or Processed Food {Ordinary Moments – 14/5/17}

Ever since I became a mum I have struggled with acid reflux, sometime so bad that I have lost my voice. Most days I wake up hoarse, with a constant need and want to clear my throat and I have lost so many days of my life and my family’s life having to lay in bed without a voice

Over the past few years I have given up carbonated drinks (I still crave a diet coke every day), I have raised my bed and often sleep upright, and more recently I have eliminated tomatoes from most of my diet. It didn’t really have much of an effect and I still was being plagued by my acid reflux with my voice continuing to threaten to leave me on a routine basis

if you’ve ever lost your voice you’ll understand just how isolating it can be, it’s not really socially accepted and everyone naturally expects you to talk. They expect there to be a faint whisper and you to croak something out, often making jokes at the mute sat there in silence, but really they just don’t know what to do with you

I’ve felt like a failure as a mum on more than one occasion and I have numerous apps on my phone to enable me to ‘talk’ to people, although by the time I have finished typing they are often on their next conversation, bored of waiting for fingers and thumbs to catch up with the quick paced conversations that flow freely

After another period of illness in January this year my doctor set about investigating why I continued to fall ill and lose my voice. Checks were conducted, x-rays run and a round of blood tests carried out. We’ve since found out that I have abnormalities with my liver and as I rarely drink he confirmed the medication I take to control my acid reflux needs to be eliminated to see if that’s causing problems

As you can imagine, being told to come off the medication that helps to control your body was hard to digest, so we weaned me off the tablets and did a fair bit of research to see if there was anything we could do to help maintain my voice. We eventually found a book that had been recommended and had been written by a Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist based on his experience with the ever growing cases of acid damage and reflux

The book is such an interesting read, and the information it gives on processed food and the acidification process for preserving it has made me really step back and think about what goes in mine and my family’s mouth. I’m in the process of following it for a month, resetting my body and following the principles having eliminated all fried and processed foods, including giving up chocolate, coffee and several other acid producers and contributors

I am a firm lover of coffee and am often seen with one or a latte in my hand, so having to give up this was really hard. I had the worst caffeine and sugar withdrawals for 4 days, just about making it through work and getting home and slumping on the sofa. On the 5th day though I woke with the clearest head I’ve had in years and so much energy I didn’t know what to do with myself. I’m now on day 13 and  it’s continued, every morning I am practically jumping out of bed rather than dragging myself out and taking forever to wake up (coincidentally until I had my first coffee)

I won’t lie and say it’s been plain sailing, weekends are the hardest as it takes a lot of preparation and the hubster and J often have sandwiches or a sweet treat when out, but I’ll get there, and we’re hoping that one day I can reintroduce some things that I dearly miss such as tomatoes and red meat

My mornings now consist of a breakfast smoothie, a mid morning snack, a variety of pasta or salad for lunch, nuts and approved fruit for the afternoon and then a wholesome dinner in the evening. I’m enjoying it, although I’ve counted 6 occasions of the 9 working days I’ve had since doing this where there have been cakes, doughnuts and even pizza which has been difficult at times and I relocated out of my office this Friday while they all ate the pizza


A side effect is that I am also losing some of that weight that’s been hanging around and bloating has practically disappeared which is so nice. Who knows if this will resolve my issues, but I’m hanging on to my new lease of life whilst it is here.

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8 thoughts on “Life Without Caffeine or Processed Food {Ordinary Moments – 14/5/17}

  1. Carie

    That sounds incredibly hard but if you’re reaping the rewards I can see why it would be more than worth it – and if it’s not a total cure then fingers crossed they find out what’s causing it too 🙂


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