Daisy Chains {Living Arrows 15/5/17}

Sometimes you just need to step back from normal routine and enjoy the blue skies that are upon you. This week had one of those days – we decided on Wednesday we were going to skip swimming lessons and spend it with my mum in her garden and make the most of the day that we had been treated to. J and I sat for a bit and made daisy chains, putting them together while she ran around trying to get the ‘best ones’ for me to keep our little production line going

We completed a daisy chain crown and a necklace and I took this photo just before she went on the swing and fell off (mummy may have pushed her a little too hard and fast…). It’s amazing just how grown up my little 4 year old looks here. She is so excited about starting school and keeps pointing out school uniforms in the shop to try on, but it really needs to hold off a little longer while I soak up beautiful days like these.

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7 thoughts on “Daisy Chains {Living Arrows 15/5/17}

  1. madelinelittlejohns

    Lovely photo! I was making daisy chains for my daughter the other day and she was fascinated by the whole thing! x #LivingArrows


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