9 Years {My Sunday Photo}

Today marks 9 years since I met this man. I went speed dating to support one of my friends who was convinced she was going to die single after hitting 25 and I ended up meeting someone who nearly didn’t get let in as he was running late. He made me laugh through our 4 minutes, sharing a love of the great outdoors (me wanting to surf, him being able to), mexican food and the colour yellow

It’s not been the easiest of roads, I didn’t take to motherhood easily and suffered PND as a result and the last year has had a few challenges to say the least but there’s always been a constant love in the background supporting me, making me laugh and loving me through every step of the rollercoaster of what we call love and marriage

2017 marks 8 years of being dog owners, 7 years of officially living together, 6 years of marriage and 5 years of being a parent. I can’t wait to see what the next challenge will be.

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