Lydford Gorge, White Lady Falls and the Devils Cauldron {Cooks on Holiday}

After a few beach days we decided to head to one of the National Trust locations in Dartmoor National Park on our holiday. Having visited in 2009 and remembering how beautiful the White Lady Falls were we decided to go again and replicate the family photo, this time with J present

We opted for the 3 mile route, walking along the top of the gorge and taking in the view. I was a little wary throughout but J was a trooper listening to everything we had said and holding Lexi on the lead. We had a couple of stops for checks in wellies, splashes in streams and to generally admire the view. This post is a little photo heavy but it was so beautiful there that I just had to record it


After a long casual walk we started to head downwards to the waterfall and the stream that led to it. The hubster and J both spent a bit of time splashing in the safer areas of the stream at the top of the waterfall and it was just stunning – it was like a magical land we had stumbled upon


When we reached the bottom of the waterfall it was as beautiful as we remembered. There were a few people present taking photos so we sat and had our picnic, let Lexi have a little play in the stream and then had our family photo – if you can’t have it in front of a waterfall then when can you? The first time we visited the hubster had his first pair of wellies and spent most of the time in the water, and it was nice to see J doing the same this time round


We then decided to do the walk to the Devils Cauldron which for us was one of the highlights of the walk through Lydford Gorge – it’s interesting to see just how powerful nature is and it really took our breath away. The walk really isn’t for the faint hearted and we saw an elderly couple turn away from the route and come back to the waterfall. With the thin paths and steep drops throughout I understand why

Throughout the route the hubster held J’s hand pretty tightly while I had the dog, but it was worth it for the views along the river as it was like visiting a magical fairy land. Going on a Monday meant that it was pretty empty but I can imagine it might be busier in the summer months and I’m not sure I’d be comfortable with J and several others trying to navigate the route


We stopped for a drink, a rest, and to tell J just how proud of her we were for doing what she had been asked and managing the walk. We decided that we’d all have a play in the play park at the end and have an ice cream to celebrate our mammoth journey which encouraged everyone to pick up the pace towards the end of the route

We spent the last few minutes of the walk along the river heading towards the Devil’s Cauldron, admiring the views that reminded us of a jungle – not somewhere we would expect to see in Britain and it quite literally took our breath away

J was unbelievably excited to see the Devils Cauldron, but as we got towards it we started to waver in our enthusiasm to take her down towards it – the ledge was single file with a handrail and it had the potential to be slippery but she was begging us to take her to it after seeing me head down on my own, so the hubster reluctantly agreed to while I stayed at the top with the dog

She was so happy to get to the platform by it and she hasn’t stopped talking about it since – in fact she’s asked when we can revisit the Devil’s Cauldron to see it again. It was one of my favourite trips of the holiday but in hindsight we won’t be doing it with her again until she’s much older. Not for a while my beautiful girl, not for a while.



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5 thoughts on “Lydford Gorge, White Lady Falls and the Devils Cauldron {Cooks on Holiday}

  1. The Queen of Collage

    I used to love outdoor pursuits such as rock climbing, abseiling etc but having children has made me think differently about these activities. So I can understand why you wish to wait till she’s older to return. #Countrykids


  2. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    What a spectacular place to explore, J looks totally enraptured by the whole thing! She did really well with all those steep paths and single file spots, I can see why you were so proud of her for listening to instructions. Going back to Lydford must be on her bucket list to do now, I bet she’s counting down the days until she’s old enough again!

    Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.


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