Growing Up {Living Arrows 22/5/17}

4.5 years old this week – closer to 5 than 4, growing up so fast and with such a beautiful soul. This week she told me that one of her friends at nursery fell over and hurt herself, so she offered to kiss it better like mummy does when she hurts herself but was sad that her friend said no. We’ve been told by the nursery that she’s the first to help newcomers in the room, the first to tend to someone who is hurt and the first to tell people when their parents have arrived

I won’t lie though, 4 has been such a hard age for us – she is so ready for school, she keeps pushing the boundaries and testing us. She isn’t happy with just simple answers to questions, she is always wanting to know more and have the world explained to her which I know is good but relentless at times

4.5 seems far too grown up and I’m sat wondering where the time has gone, she’s lost all of that toddler look and resembles a much more grown up looking child with her bike helmet and hair tied back. This time 5 years ago were announcing our pregnancy to friends and family and I know so many of us say this but I really do wish time would slow down, even just a little.

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7 thoughts on “Growing Up {Living Arrows 22/5/17}

  1. staceycavuk

    Lovely photo! It’s so great to hear other people tell you lovely things about your child’s personality, isn’t it?

    And to be told your daughter is the first to help is a pretty great thing to hear, I imagine! 🙂


  2. angiemwebster77

    What a beautiful, kind and caring little girl you have, you must be very proud. Time flies far too fast where children are concerned. #LivingArrows


  3. Emma T

    Time does whizz by so fast, and probably more so with girls because they much more mature than boys. Not long to go and she’ll have her wish for school. #livingarrows


  4. MudpieFridays (@MudpieFridays)

    I am completely with you on this, it goes so quick. Monkey who will be five next month just seemed to change over night into a little boy…its scary. Four hasn’t been a great age for us either, we are the same with questions and I always remind myself its good that he asks all the time. But sometimes it would be nice to have a little break from them! #Livingarrows


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