A Month of Adventures {May 2017}

Where April was so busy with constant travel and lots booked in May was a lot more relaxed. We spent a couple of weekends close to home, travelling to places on foot and enjoying a slower pace of life. I looked back through my camera roll and I actually have no idea where May went because we didn’t actually do that much

I started the month on a new food plan having been requested to come off a type of medication that had started to affect my liver. Needless to say I was pretty concerned about coming off the medication but I leave May a stone lighter and with a new lease of life thanks to the food changes I’ve made. It has also encouraged us to eat fresh, unprocessed food, and explore new recipes – I won’t lie, it’s not been plain sailing and sugar and caffeine withdrawals were really hard but I’m definitely reaping the benefits. On one of the rainy days J and I decided to make our own home made banana bread which was lovely and went down well at work


At the start of the month we enjoyed the last of the bluebells before they started to wilt at one of the local country parks and J enjoyed once again jumping off the tree stump she had found while there. She’s obsessed with riding her bike or scooter when we are out at the moment and her helmet features in so many photos this month but I love that she’s comfortable riding it


One of the things we’ve noticed over the last few months is her attitude to Lexi – while she has always adored her dog she’s recently taken it up a notch, often riding on and telling Lexi to ‘catch up with your sister’. It’s the most adorable thing to watch and Lexi now runs alongside her on her bike at a pace they are both comfortable with

On one of the outings we found a tyre that J and the hubster decided to push round and then play hide and seek in. Such good fun to watch, even if I was a little worried that it might topple onto her! J is 4 and a half on the 30th May and I know I really do sound like a broken record but I honestly cannot believe how quick that time has gone. She is starting to look so grown up and she is on school countdown as we speak!




Mid May saw me travel away from the hubster for a girls weekend away for my cousin’s birthday and it was such good fun. it was very weird being at Center Parcs without my little crew but it was nice for my cousin and I to relax child free with the girls. It was also so nice to feel like I used to thanks to this food plan – I had so much energy and the group joke was about needing to tire me out! I have a special place in my heart for Center Parcs and it’s a shame that was my only visit there this year (note to self – take hood down next time…)

The May bank holiday is near the end as I type this and my northern friend RH is down to spend some quality time with us. I fear we won’t see her in person again until at least September due to our schedules and although I haven’t been well it’s been nice having her back down south


June has a trip to Legoland with my friend SS and J, several birthdays (including mine) and holiday prepping as we’re off to Florida in July which we are all so excited about. I’m sure it will be here before we know it!

Linking with KA for My Family Adventures, do pop over and have a look at her lovely bright sunny photos

life as our little family


2 thoughts on “A Month of Adventures {May 2017}

  1. lifeasourlittlefamily

    Aww what a lovely relaxing round up of photos. That tyre looks a big as your girl! Great fun though I can imagine. Well done on the diet honey, its a great feeling when something you try so hard at has a great result. Thanks so much for joining in with #MyFamilyAdventures and enjoy the birthday celebrations in June x


  2. The Breastest News

    Sounds like a lovely relaxing month. Banana bread/loaf is the only thing I can bake well haha and my dog is called Lexie too 🙂 So need to get a helmet for my toddler asap as she’s obsessed with her scooter and I’m terrified she’ll hurt herself! They go too fast.


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