Picnics Under Trees

Looking through my camera I realised I hadn’t taken any pictures of J recently, so we decided to head for a short walk yesterday and have a picnic at the top of Halnaker Hill. Unfortunately the best plans don’t always work out, and it started to rain as we were about to park up for the picnic. We ended up heading down the hill as fast as possible to seek shelter under a tree as the rain was getting heavier and had our picnic under the dry of the tree

The hubster purchased this blow up wind seat after seeing them absolutely everywhere at Camp Bestival last year and one of J’s favourite things to do is to sit and jump on it and roll around on it – she was laughing throughout! With her tumbling curls, a buttercup in her hair and watermelon stained mouth, she has cheek written all over her face!

You wouldn’t think by looking at this picture that we were shielding from rain as it looks like a typical warm spring day, but it’s a trip out I’ll remember fondly.

Living Arrows

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