When I Grow Up…

I started joining in with The Ordinary Moments 2 years ago and the reason behind it was to remember the good moments, the not so great moments and also the everyday conversations that we might forget when our little ones aren’t so little. Over recent weeks I’ve struggled to type, always feeling like I need to talk about the bigger things we have done when actually I just need to scale it back a bit and remember why I started recording these

This week I’ve watched J more intently, focussed on her when she’s been talking and taking the environment around me in more. I’ve noticed just how much she has changed in the last few months and she has developed a bit of an obsession with being a grown up and not a child. When she makes a wish it’s to be a grown up and when you ask her what she wants to be when she is older she quite simply tells you she wants to be a mummy. Not a doctor, or a teacher, or anything that I naturally expect her to say, but a mummy

She often asks me why she can’t have a baby sister or brother, and if it weren’t for my health we probably would have had a second one a few years back and I think it’s her want for a sibling which makes her ask. It’s pretty unlikely that she’ll have a sibling due to my continued poor health, and there’s no more babies likely to arrive any time soon in the family so I sympathise

I remember wearing my mums stilettos and putting her lipstick on when younger – it’s a fascination most children have at some point isn’t it? She seemed to have taken hers a step further last week when she declared that she wanted to live with us forever, she wanted 3 children and her boyfriend at nursery was going to be the father! She announces her plans with such determination that she’s hard to talk round although I’m trying to convince her to travel and see the world before settling down but I have a feeling she’ll be designing her dress next!


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2 thoughts on “When I Grow Up…

  1. Donna

    Oh bless her. I think so many children want to be a mummy when they grow up and yesterday Athena told me, categorically, that she is going to have three children when she grows up x

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