Me and Mine {May 2017}

Although we didn’t do a lot in May compared to April we had lots of adventures close to home, we travelled on foot a lot and it was beautiful weather for most of it. We started it off in Cheshire with our good friend RH and she ended it with us in Hamphire. I also went away with the girls to Center Parcs and started a new food plan to hopefully rid me of the problems that have plagued me for so long

With 2 days to go until the end of May and our good friend RH down from ‘up north’ I decided to replicate last year’s photos in the ‘yellow fields’. Instead of heading back to the same location as last year we went to Halnaker Windmill – somewhere I had seen in many photos as being surrounded by yellow fields after walking through the Tunnel of trees to get to it

Unfortunately it didn’t work out as we had intended – there were no yellow fields and despite it being a beautiful day when we started off, a torrential downpour decided to head our way shortly after we got to the top of the hill and we ended up taking shelter with our picnic under a tree. We’ve learnt that there’s never a dull moment on a Cook outing, whether it be a random diversion, an extended walk or a torrential downpour, and it’s just easiest to go with the flow

I’m not going to say these are my favourite photos because they aren’t, my trusty camera is starting to frustrate me, especially in low light when the flash is off, and I don’t like how I look because I am clearly still not well in them, but I had to use them because of the beautiful backdrop and the memories these will give us when looking back at them, despite how I personally feel – it’s about that isn’t it?


In May:

Sherry loved:

  • Going away with the girls for a weekend to Center Parcs. It was weird being without my little crew but so nice to be with my great friends
  • Having a new lease of life in May. The new food plan is really helping my body and I also leave May a stone lighter which is a lovely side effect (although I caught a cold and developed laryngitis towards the end of the month which wasn’t welcomed!)
  • Spending quality time with my family and friends. It’s been an understated month but a good one

Hubster loved:

  • Scooting with J and his mum for miles along the waterfront
  • Watching his wife come back to life through her food plan
  • The experience at the Tunnel of Trees – running in the rain and rescuing everyone!

J loved:

  • Going to the beach with Nanny and Granddad – she hasn’t stopped talking about it
  • Being just big enough for her next bike and going for lots of bike rides
  • Spending quality time with Nanny Iris who works away a lot and taking her to the health club for some swimming


  • Has loved having a new dog bed

I had to include an outtake this month because this photo makes me laugh so much! J with my scarf over her as a cover in the distance running in the rain at the Tunnel of Trees


June holds several birthdays including my sisters and mine, lots of holiday planning and prepping for our big adventure to Florida in July. I have a feeling June is going to pass as quickly as the other months!

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