Cheeky Face {Living Arrows 4/6/17}

This week we’ve relaxed, we’ve spent quality time at home as a family, having had our good friend stay with us last weekend and it’s been much needed. After a busy few months with things planned pretty much every weekend planned we’ve got a relatively calm June and that works for us as July is jam packed

This Wednesday we spent a morning at home before heading to the park – it turned out to be a glorious day and J was really happy to be out. I’m one of those mums that as soon as I see it’s a beautiful day outside I am reluctant to be sat indoors watching TV and quite often switch it off. This photo was taken while we were in the garden and and she got into the shot. Another classic one of me telling her to smile and her sticking her tongue out. My little girl with her cheeky personality and lovely curls.

Living Arrows

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