Strawberry Fields {Ordinary Moments 11/6/17}

Every year since J was little we’ve visited the Pick Your Own fields. In fact looking back at this post from 2015 I honestly cannot believe how much she’s grown! I’ve always been an advocate for PYO and showing J where food actually comes from, rather than the supermarket and she loves picking it and eating it as fast as humanly possible – most time’s it’s gone before we get home

This Wednesday on our day off together J and I visited a local PYO for some strawberries and some fresh podded peas. Fresh peas are my absolute favourite to pick and cook but J loves them raw – I’d love to say that the strawberries are her favourite but hands down podded peas win every time and the punnet was demolished within 2 days of picking it

I sense we’ll be spending most weekends there this year as it’s one of her favourite activities and our garden really isn’t set up for growing your own. Until we move we’ve got a couple of grow bags for some tomatoes and hopefully they’ll provide what she wants for the time being

The hubster doesn’t know this (until he reads this!) but I’m considering signing up for an allotment – J is finally at an age where she wants to be involved and would actually be useful, and we could spend evenings and holidays there when she’s a school girl.


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6 thoughts on “Strawberry Fields {Ordinary Moments 11/6/17}

  1. twotinyhands

    I’m a believer in showing kids where food comes from too but yet to try out pick your own. He’s 2 this year and likes to get his hands dirty and enjoys helping so I might try him out with pyo… we only have one allotment near us with 16 plots, it’s impossible to get one for us. We had one where we used to live and I really miss it. Definitely sign up!!! #countrykids


  2. Coombe Mill

    Oh yum peas in their pods, I’m with J they are delicious. We have 2 French exchange students staying with us this week and I was wondering what to do after school for a treat. We have a PYO towards the beach so I might just take all the kids there and then onto the beach. Like you I have fond memories of strawberry picking as a child and we always try to do a day at some stage. I hope you get your allotment, I think you would spend lots of time there and find it really rewarding too.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids


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