Where did the Time go? {Living Arrows 12/6/17}

This week we had a parents introduction evening at J’s school. It wasn’t really real until then if I’m to be honest. She’s my one and only baby and we love our routine and the next few months will see her move from her current nursery to school and us become school run parents, which I’m just not sure if I’m ready for. J on the other hand definitely is – she’s on daily countdown and is looking forward to wearing the coloured jumper she wants, and is excited to meet her new teacher soon

She’ll have been at her current nursery for 4 years this September, and I know with a holiday to Florida, Camp Bestival and several birthdays between now and then that it’ll go by in a flash and she’ll be trotting off to school ready for the next big phase of her life. Where on earth did those years go?


Living Arrows

2 thoughts on “Where did the Time go? {Living Arrows 12/6/17}

  1. Donna

    I’m thinking the same with Troy. He’s starting reception in September and I’ll be baby-less 9-3 every day. It’s gone far too fast. I love her glasses! x


  2. tobygoesbananas

    What a lovely smile! I’m glad to hear she’s excited about starting school – Toby seems a bit non-plussed about the whole idea! He’s got a transition afternoon next week and the week after so I guess we’ll see how he feels after that 🙂 #LivingArrows


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