Impromptu Visits to the Beach

The weather this week has been glorious and after finishing work on Friday I felt we had to do something with our evening to make the most of it. When the hubster came home we hatched a plan to visit one of the beaches that we hadn’t been to for such a long time and stop at a pub for a drink in the beer garden

We used to go out pretty much every evening in the summer months but since J came along we don’t really do it very often, instead settling on routine and early nights. J got very excited about throwing stones in the water and the ball for Lexi and we casually strolled to the pub, sitting and watching the girls play by the water and enjoying the sun beaming down on us


Every time Lexi shook J ran off laughing and saying ‘Lexi stop shaking next to me’ which was really funny to watch – they really are the best of friends. Lexi gave us a classic moment as we were walking past the beach huts as she decided to shake right next to an elderly lady who was painting outside her one (!) Thankfully she took it in good humour but we were so embarrassed!


We ended up having dinner at the pub looking out to the water, J made a friend and they ran round the garden while we looked on before heading back and stopping for a couple of photos as the sun was starting to go down, giving us all that lovely sunny glow

J actually took a beautiful photo of me, Lexi and the hubster in the sun and I think I’ll be framing it and I think I have competition on my hands with my little photographer! I also took quite possibly one of my favourite photos of J and Lexi on the way back to the car, J was burying Lexi’s ball while she looked on patiently. I adore their dog and owner bond so much

It was just one of those evenings where it all worked perfectly, we kept saying how happy we were, how thankful we were watching Lexi and J play by the water and we’ve vowed to do it more often, we really do take this beautiful area we live in for granted.


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15 thoughts on “Impromptu Visits to the Beach

  1. Memeandharri

    Have I ever told you that I just love your pictures? Just beautiful. It sounds like you have had a lovely week.The sunshine just makes everything seem so much more brighter and possible. #ordinarymoments


  2. Donna

    This sounds like the perfect evening and that photo of you and your husband is beautiful! We don’t often go out in the evenings but really should make more of those few hours together x


  3. RaisieBay

    It all sounds so perfect, you are so lucky to live in such a lovely place. I really love your photo’s including J’s, definitely a photographer in the making.


  4. Coombe Mill (Fiona) (@coombemill)

    This all sounds so perfect and such a good use of the lovely sunny weather. We ate outdoors for the first time in the heatwave and made several beach trips, I love the heat and making it last right into the evening. Well done J on that last photo, it is indeed one to frame. Fingers crossed that wasn’t the last of summer.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids


  5. PinkOddy

    This post is so beautiful it is making me want to go to a pub by the beach myself. I agree they are such wonderful photos – really show the bond between you all. #countrykids


  6. Michelle Twin Mum

    Ahh what a wonderful set of photos. Impromptu evenings are often the best and I love it when my hubby arrives home early and says lets go to the beach. Yum, I’m thinking of salty chips on the beach now! Mich x


  7. MudpieFridays (@MudpieFridays)

    Oh how wonderful. We use to do a lot more spontaneously before we had the kids and I really miss it. But this is evidence that some of the spontaneity can be just a good fun with kids in tow. I love the beach and will try to make more of an effort too. Such lovely photos and memories #CountryKids


  8. Louise

    What a lovely visit to the beach you had. I love the photo that J took of you and the one of her and Lexi playing together at the edge of the water – they do look like they are having a wonderful time together. #countrykids


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