Best Friends {Living Arrows 19/6/17}

These two melt me. Whenever we are out they’re as thick as thieves (unless Lexi is rolling in something she shouldn’t or eating something she shouldn’t), and whenever you ask J what she wants to do its ‘take Lexi for a walk’

This week we took an impromptu visit to the beach on Friday night. The weather was beautiful, the sun was beaming down on us and everyone was happy and content. We stopped in a pub garden while J played with another child and then we went back along the beach to the car, hubster and I hand in hand, and J and Lexi side by side

This photo was taken without anyone realising. The hubster was walking, J was burying Lexi’s ball and Lexi was sat waiting patiently for the ball to be thrown for her. For me, this photo sums up how the whole evening was – the companionship between a girl and her dog with the beautiful sun looking down on them. It’s a night we’ll look back on fondly for sure.

Living Arrows

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