A Few Things I Love About Disney World (Part 1)

Next month sees us travel to Disney World for the second time since having J, and my 6th visit since I was 18. I love everything about it – the atmosphere, the Magic Kingdom and the feeling of being a child again to name but a few (even though I’m a long way away from that age!) Here are just a few reasons why I love it:

You get to meet your Disney hero in real life

Mine was Chip and Dale, I remember being awestruck the first time I visited and every time I’ve been since I’ve had a photo with them. There’s something amazing about being with characters from your childhood and seeing them in real life and you just can’t put a price on it

For J, it was meeting Doc McStuffins and the ‘real life’ Duffy bear after carting her one round from day one. You can see her face in these pictures – she is in complete and utter awe and I cannot wait to see it again 20 months on


You get to act like a child again and no one cares

I’ve been seen on more than one occasion bouncing around the park, running over to watch parades and eating copious amounts of ice cream wearing Mickey ears – at 18, 20, 22, 26 and 30.

I’ve also been witnessed dancing in the middle of the street with several different Disney characters as well as my family when at home you just wouldn’t catch me doing it. Why? because you’re instantly transported back to your childhood and the atmosphere is so infectious that you just can’t help but join in

When we visited in 2015 J ran round in the rain with giant Mickey hands. Admittedly she was 2 and would get away with it anywhere, but it was a great memory and if I’d had a giant pair of Mickey hands I’m sure I’d have been the same!


The fireworks displays are out of this world and they make you stand there open mouthed in amazement

No kidding, every time I have been to Disney I have watched all of the fireworks and every time I say it was the best one yet. You can’t beat seeing the Magic Kingdom castle illuminated with fireworks above it and they hands down beat every UK display I have seen. Last time we had the dessert party and saw Tinkerbell fly above us which was pretty amazing


Character Dining

We never did character dining until our first visit with J in 2015 and my goodness it was amazing. She cuddled all of the characters, they signed her books, she danced with them and she came away from every session having lived out a dream. For me it was brilliant watching it all, and the occasional photo with them by myself!

We did the Winnie the Pooh meet up and the Garden Grill dining experience which was my personal favourite. It was the most lovely food and we met Pluto, Mickey and Chip and Dale. This time we have Chef Mickeys booked, and the Disney Princess breakfast which I’m sure will be amazing


Sweet Treats

When I first visited Typhoon Lagoon at 18 I saw a bucket filled with ice cream and ran excitedly to my family exclaiming that I had an ice cream with a bucket and spade. My dad and I sat and ate it together and a tradition was born and every time we visit we simply have to get one. Last time we extended the tradition to include J and she loved it. This time we’re booked into the Beaches and Soda eatery for the kitchen sink as well as the obligatory bucket and spade in Typhoon Lagoon. Watch. This. Space!

I love that everything in the parks has some sort of Mickey theme to it, Mickey pretzels are my absolute favourites, but a Mickey Ice Cream is also just as good when you’re watching the fireworks



So there’s part 1 of the things I love about Disney. I’d love to know what everyone’s favourite things are!


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