A Helping Hand {Living Arrows 25/6/17}

J and the hubster have the most amazing bond, they’re both full of energy and often have lots of laughs as they tickle, giggle and play bundles (she adores jumping on him and yelling bundles – does anyone else remember doing similar from their childhood?)

If we were to do a basic comparison I’m generally the one who helps with learning and he’s the one who helps with activity and skill. She loves nothing more than cuddling up with me on the sofa but she often turns to daddy for a helping hand when she’s unsure of heights or activity. This was taken on the way back to the car on Wednesday night after a trip to the pub. A simple iPhone shot, but one of my two favourite people. 

Living Arrows

4 thoughts on “A Helping Hand {Living Arrows 25/6/17}

  1. Donna

    That is such a beautiful photo – and the perfect time of day. In our house the children look to Hubby and I for different things and at different times too x


  2. Emma T

    A lovely photo. I’m always the one that gets asked for help. The OH is never out with us, so he’s there for farm and DIY questions. I’m there for technology, food and anything else. But i’m much more encouraging than the OH is, who seems to think that N’s not as capable as he is (because he doesn’t know!) #livingarrows


  3. tobygoesbananas

    What a lovely picture – I know what you mean about them looking to a different parent for different things. Although at the moment it has to be mummy for everything with Gabe! #LivingArrows


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