Moving On

This week has had a lot of different moments and memories that when it came to write this post I didn’t know where to start. Earlier in the week J had a settling in session at her new school. She’s been looking forward to it ever since we told her and on the day itself she kept asking me when we would be making the session and kept clock watching to make sure she wasn’t late for it

We needn’t have worried as she was an absolute trooper and was actually upset when we said we had to go home as she enjoyed it so much. I have said it before but time is just passing by far too quickly, we’re nearly at the end of June, July is fully booked and then it’s a hop skip and a jump to September when life as we know it changes

She keeps telling me she’s ready and I know she is, but I can’t help but feel it’s all happening at such a fast pace. I feel like I’m running behind, desperately trying to keep up to slow the days and weeks down. It always seems out of reach with an ever increasing to do list and a forever growing calendar of busy days and plans

I said to the hubster the other day that I feel torn – I want her to grow up and be the person she needs to be, but having lived and missed her first couple of months and her early years, and even my pregnancy in a complete and utter blur of grey skies I don’t feel I’ve had nearly enough time to get to know my little being before the next stage of her life. I know we all need to move on, but I wish we could stay in this little bubble a little while longer, she’s so much fun to be around right now.


The Ordinary Moments

3 thoughts on “Moving On

  1. staceycavuk

    Gorgeous photos! So glad your LO enjoyed her settling in day. Yep – a huge step, them heading off to school. Can’t imagine how I’ll feel my little fella goes, though we have a couple of years yet.


  2. Donna

    Not sure if my comment came through – iffy internet! I know exactly how you feel – it goes so fast! Troy has his settling in session next week and he can’t wait. Me? not so much! x


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