Me and Mine {June 2017}

The 30th of June marks my 32nd birthday so I guess I start by saying happy birthday to me. I don’t really like turning another year older, and the more time goes by the quicker it seems to be going. Today I’ve worked on my birthday for the first time in years, but it’s not all bad as it’s only half a day and then I’m off for an adventure

This month we’ve not strayed far from home, we’ve visited the New Forest, southern beaches and swimming pools, and generally just had some quality family time together. There’s been the occasional addition of friends and other family and it’s been a pretty perfect balance, especially if you include the glorious weeks we had in the sunshine mid month

Mid-month we went for a walk down the beach, stopping at the pub for a light bite and then walking back to the car. The sun was beautiful, the skies blue and everyone had the loveliest time. We don’t do it as often as we used to, or as often as we should, and it’s something I want to change this year

I didn’t take my tripod along the route as I didn’t plan on taking family photos of the outing as I originally wanted to take one a month in a different county, but it was just such a lovely outing that I wanted to record us being out and together

They aren’t the most perfect photos and for once the dog wouldn’t play ball, but it was such good fun taking them. I know I’ll remember that night fondly with the sun beating down on us and the glow it gave us all as it started to set



In June

Sherry has loved….

  • Sunny days by the pool. On the hottest weekend of the year we went to the outdoor pool and it was honestly like being abroad, all I needed was a cocktail to top it off
  • Continuing with the food plan and how well it’s making me feel. I still miss my daily dose of caffeinated coffees and lattes but I have a new found love for almond milk and decaf almond milk lattes are a good replacement. In total I am 21lbs lighter in the 8 weeks I’ve been following it
  • Visiting the beach and watching the sun set together. Late nights usually bring an overtired family but we all had the loveliest time when doing it

Hubster has loved….

  • Feeling like we were on holiday after a game of tennis and a pool day in the glorious sunshine. Watching J get better and more confident, swimming the best part of a length and the width of a pool while there was something special
  • Visiting the pub and beach on a couple of occasions, it’s something we used to do in the evening after walking the dog but less so in recent years
  • Seeing J memorise a book, looking like she could read it as she ‘read’ it from front to back, pretty much word for word

J has loved…

  • Seeing her new school and visiting with and without mummy and daddy. She was upset when we had to leave on the first session as she enjoyed it so much
  • Playing with Lexi at the beach. Those two are as thick as thieves
  • Swimming a full width of the pool unaided and without stopping, generally loving all of the swimming

Lexi has loved…

  • Lots of sunny walks and lots of trips to the beach where she ran in for the ball several times and got drenched!

June’s outtake is of these three waiting for me, Lexi doing her thing, J with her eyes shut and hubster wondering why I’m taking so long


July holds a very busy few weeks. We are off to Florida for a fortnight, I’m also going to see Adele in Wembley and we finish the month with a festival. I wouldn’t have it any other way but it explains why June was so scaled back!

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