A Month of Adventures {June 2017}

June is such a short month but with lots of birthdays and celebrations it always passes by  in a blur but I feel like it was exceptionally fast this year – did we even have a June? We made a conscious decision to stay close to home as July is full of adventures far away in   tents and villas but I’m not complaining as it’s much needed

The weather has been absolutely beautiful for most of the month and we’ve had lots of blue skies and vivid sunsets. We’ve had later nights than usual and been to places we hadn’t since having J, it’s been a perfect mix of sun, sea and adventure

And so here are a few of our memories and pictures from June…

This month J’s activity went up a notch and I am now the proud parent of a girl who can comfortably swim a length and one who adores racing and rounders – a new favourite game from her and a special one from my childhood – I love that she’s such an athletic girl and hope she continues this through school. We also had our annual numerous strawberry fields and podded peas visits which are J’s absolute favourites. I love showing her that food doesn’t come from a supermarket shelf, and she loves eating several punnets of peas




The New Forest, the South Downs and Country Parks also featured in our adventures in June. I’m trying to be a mum in front of the camera as well as behind one, and with my ongoing weight loss and food plan a little bit of confidence is coming back each week and I know J will enjoy looking back when she is much older

This year our goal is to make the most of the New Forest beauty and freedom it gives us and visit it more. Picnics, friends and family have all been features in our trips there, and it’s been really nice to watch J and her cousin’s relationship develop over the month and see her and Lexi strengthen their bond further

We also ventured to the South Downs to Cheesefoot Head and despite it not quite being what I expected the views made up for it and we had a lovely lunch overlooking the county. The grandparents have spent a lot of time with us this month and both mine and the hubsters parents all came out with us for an adventure – it’s lovely that they’re local to us and we’re very lucky to have them around



And finally here are my absolute favourite photos of the month. I know most people love where they live and I know that I would move to the South West in a heartbeat but living in the south of this beautiful country does offer so many things I know I’d miss. We have lots of beaches on our doorstep and while they’re not sandy they’re still nice to visit, especially after work or for impromptu Friday night outing as the sun sets


I’m not sure how to introduce July to you as it’s jam packed – 2 weeks of Disney World Florida magic, Mickey ears and numerous trips to the water park are calling me and I am so excited to be transported back to my childhood and watch it through J’s eyes again. As soon as we’re back we’re off to our much loved Camp Bestival, jet lagged and all. Home is definitely not a main feature in July but I cannot tell you how excited I am to go to both of them, and so I am now off to pack and listen to Disney Music – because that’s what you do at 32…

Linking with KA for My Family Adventures, do pop over and have a look at her gorgeous June  photos with the big event of her little boy turning 6

life as our little family


4 thoughts on “A Month of Adventures {June 2017}

  1. Memeandharri

    What a lovely month you have had. The sunshine has been amazing! My Meme is so sporty too and I love that about her (unlike me who is pretty hopeless at sport). July sounds amazing! Looking forward to hearing all about it. #myfamilyadventures


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