Another Year Older

As I’ve got older my birthday has become less about me and more about my family. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very lucky and the hubster and my family often do something to treat me and make me feel special, but the last few years I’ve watched J get more and more excited, and we end up doing something as a family unit and spending quality time together rather than us heading out for adult based activities

She has been buzzing all week and managed to keep everything a secret until my birthday arrived on Friday. I had strict instructions to not enter her room before the morning as they’d set it up the night before and as soon as she woke she starting yelling “happy birthday mummy!” She was bursting with excitement, I honestly don’t think I’ve seen her so excited as she ran around upstairs and handed me all my cards and presents and helped me open them

For the first time in years I had to work on my birthday and I wasn’t impressed but I finished at lunchtime and decided to find some poppy fields in the afternoon while the hubster and J were at work and nursery. Whoever said that finding poppy fields was easy lied – I spent 2 hours driving around to places recommended on search engines and photography groups, only to be met with field after field and the odd poppy to be found, not hundreds as I’d expected. If anyone knows of any in the Hampshire area that I can photograph please do let me know! Despite being frustrating it was a nice drive and good to have a couple of hours to myself  ready for the plans that evening

I was asked to head to my mums house to meet them as earlier in the week J had decided that she wanted to hold a surprise teddy bear’s picnic with us to celebrate. After a small treasure hunt that they’d both prepared we settled on the grass for our picnic. J ran around with her party hat on, the party poppers being passed to us all but in the end we let her have them. She stood there munching on her food and popping them, spraying her granddad over the head with the contents. It’s funny to watch her do these things as I used to do it to my granddad and uncles and it makes me quite nostalgic

IMG_9821 (1)IMG_9812


It was a lovely, understated birthday with quality family time although I’m not quite sure how I feel about being 32, I still feel like I’m 22 although technically I’m as grown up as a grown up can be. As long as the grey hairs stay away how about we still call me 22?

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