Our Weekend at Camp Bestival 2017

Last year we visited Camp Bestival for the first time, J was 3 and we weren’t sure if it would be a good weekend for her or not. It was – she loved every part of it – the camping, the music, the kids activities and the rides – she was a festival convert and has since spent the year asking when she could go back

This year we planned on going from Friday to Sunday, having just returned from Florida the previous Sunday. In hindsight we probably should have missed it and not purchased tickets due to jetlag and the mountain of washing but after the previous year we didn’t want to miss out

Friday morning we arrived with a brand new tent which went up easily, however soon the rain started and we realised our waterproof tent was not actually waterproof and had sprung a leak. That didn’t deter us and we head out to see the offerings of Camp Bestival 2017

The biggest disco ball in the world, the love bot and the classic Camp Bestival sign were all there as we walked past and we knew we’d made the right decision to go along. J enjoyed the helter skelter and playing with the circus activities – she bounced on the giant ball they had there (the hubster tried too!) – as I watched on and tried with a diablo. It was perfect…

Perfect until we returned to the tent and the rain and wind picked up further. I’ve been to a lot of festivals come rain or shine and the weather wasn’t something that would normally deter me but a leaky tent is something that can make or break it for you. We sat there getting colder and wetter as more leaks appeared and we decided that as we only live an hour down the road we would head home for the night and return with our smaller old faithful tent the next day

We packed, went to the car with a sleepy J and the hubster advised he’d pack up the tent but as he was doing so the tent broke and collapsed on him(!) with him a broken man on returning to the car after several helpful people helped him up the paths

Saturday morning came and with fresh heads and after a night in a warm house we packed up and went again (this time with our super thick waterproofs on). We pitched our small tent in record time and went out to the festival once more. A trip on the Ferris wheel, a visit to Kidfornia for some craft and hammock time, and some dancing to music returned us to happy campers – who needs sunshine?

We stayed out to see Madness, danced in the upper and lower kid’s garden and despite the constant rain and mud we had the best time. J enjoyed running in the mud, spinning in the mud and just generally being in the mud – she completely lapped it up!

Sunday arrived with clear skies which saw so many happy faces in return. We all donned our shorts and t-shirts and explored again, this time we visited The Dingly Dell. We stopped at Lizzies Way for a sing and play, Longdown Activity Farm to see the animals and the Zip Wire

My oh my that girl is fearless and held her arms out as she was pulled up the tree for the zip wire and I stood there open mouthed in shock. The bubble show had us captivated,  the science show made us laugh and we watched J bounce on the Worlds Biggest Bouncy Castle before having a rave with Big Fish Little Fish and danced to Right Said Fred in the Castle Field

We all had work and nursery on the Monday so didn’t stay for the fireworks but we left Camp Bestival in the sun and returned home with the best memories. It wasn’t perfect at times but it’s a weekend we’ll definitely remember!

We’re going again next year for sure and I’d definitely recommend it to any family with young children as it’s got so much to do, I still don’t feel like we saw it all! J has once again continued to ask when we can go back and we’ve since spent a few evenings camping with her. The success of it all has paid off and we’re now planning on a weeks camping holiday next year too!


Country Kids

8 thoughts on “Our Weekend at Camp Bestival 2017

  1. Coombe Mill

    I have to hand it to you for sticking it out in all that mud. I saw the photos on Instagram and really felt for you all. Thank goodness for all the lovely activities and tents to combat the rain. It really does look like there is so much to do there and it all looks very family friendly. I can see why you would want to go again, just the smiles and happiness in all these photos shares so much of the experience you had.

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids


  2. dearmummyblog

    We just had to pop over and read your experience of Camp Bestival, shame we didn’t see you down there x Love the rainbow umbrella and that certainly brightened up the dreary grey days. We did the zip-lining too and it was really high! Looks like you all had fun stomping around in the mud x Popping over from #CountryKids


  3. westcountrymumblog

    Great post – we were at Camp Bestival too this year and had a great time despite the mud. Am liking your idea of popping back home to warm up on the Saturday night – we were very tempted!! Maybe see you there next year #countrykids


  4. Becky Day

    Oh my word! I knew it was a soggy weekend but I didn’t realise it was so muddy! What a nightmare with your leaking tent! You did so well to focus on the positives! #countrykids


  5. Louise (Little Hearts, Big Love)

    Love how happy J looks in all that mud! Glad you were able to return with a non-leaky tent – I can imagine trying to sleep in a leaky tent would be a very miserable experience. Looks like there was plenty to do and J certainly looks like she was having the most wonderful time 🙂 #countrykids


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