A Fearless Girl

This weekend J and the hubster decided to test a new tent which we had been given by someone at work. It came with no instructions so hubby and I made a pact to try and put it up as best we could without arguing. It worked and some 45 minutes later we had a mammoth 6 person tent built and ready to go, with no arguments and a happy child ready for her weekend of adventure ahead

We had agreed for me to be at home for the night and for them to camp as I was feeling a little overwhelmed with the backlog that had accumulated whilst we spent July away. The plan was for me to join them on Sunday morning for some stand up paddle boarding, but first on Saturday they had a zip line adventure, bouncy pillow fun and a impromptu BBQ with the people pitched in the next tent

Sunday came and we were a little nervous as to how she would be with stand up paddle boarding but she was really good and listened intently to the instructors as we waited to go on the lake. We often forget just how young she is – she looks a couple of years older and has the ability of an older child – so when she comes to something new like this we naturally expect her to be of the ability of a 6-7 year old

She was really good, after she spent a few minutes getting stuck she got the hang of it and she stood up before me on the paddle board and volunteered to run around the boards when we joined them all in the middle of the lake. I love that our little girl is fearless and up for an adventure .

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