Back in Routine

Last week was our first week back in routine. I went back through the calendar and the last time we had a week of normality was the week of 3rd July, so thats a good 4 weeks with either no routine or a partial routine. Pretty much as soon as we got back from Florida at the end of July we went into camping mode ready for Camp Bestival and if I’m to be honest we still aren’t on top of home life. In hindsight we probably shouldn’t booked it and rested ourselves, but what’s life without a little adventure?

Working a full week and attending nursery for the first time in 4 weeks was pretty hard and at times the week felt like it was never ending (the same as my washing pile!), I feel behind on every aspect of life and poor little Lexi seemed to be missing her doggy friend from her stay away but it’s not all bad as for the first time in a long time I actually enjoyed being at home and wanted to stay in my surroundings

Don’t get me wrong if I could be living in Florida in the sun right now or dancing away at a festival I would be – but actually it was so nice to be in our house. Home in our little 4 walls we call home with our day to day items to hand and the usual daily activities and  family close by. For the first time in a long time I was glad to be back in routine

Week 2 of normality has started and I write this on Monday night while the hubster watches Game of Thrones and I sit eating cereal for my dinner (as I said we aren’t quite on top of home life) and once again my itchy feet have started and I’m looking to where we can travel to next. My pull to be at home has lessened and I’m ready for more adventure once more.

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The Ordinary Moments

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