Life With Our Dog {Ordinary Moments 27/8/17}

I’ve written before about the love my girl and her dog has and how their bond has developed over the years, with the dog not being the family ‘baby’ following the arrival of J. Although she’s not the young one any more, Lexi is always there in the background and sometimes closer to us if we have food!

Lexi is 8 years old now but still acts like a puppy when we are out, trying to chase after kites and generally not acting her age in dog years. We find she takes much longer to recover after a big walk and that following a 4-5 mile walk she will generally take a day to recover although when I’m 72 I’m sure I’ll feel the same!

PuppySpot sent me a chart recently to see what dog would match best to my lifestyle. Based on my answers it identified that a Labrador would be a perfect match for me – pretty good considering we have one! Lexi slots into our lifestyle perfectly, is always there with her big wagging tail and if there’s a ball around she’s there eagerly waiting for you to throw it


Being a dog owner is hard work, it’s nowhere near as demanding as being a parent but a dog slots into the family and instantly becomes part of it. You have to walk your dog come rain or shine, deal with the persistent dog hair (in Lexi’s case!) and dispose of the waste at the end of their bodily cycle!

What you do get is so much love, attention and cuddles, and although I’m not sure we’ll get another dog until we retire (and I secretly think I’m allergic to her), I wouldn’t be without my little Lexi, and neither would J


*PuppySpot sent me the chart only, all words and comments are my own

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