Me and Mine {August 2017}

I cannot believe I’m writing this round up already but August whizzed by in another blur of busy weeks. I honestly don’t know how we have already completed two thirds of 2017,  although I was looking through the photos on my phone the other day and we’ve had some wonderful adventures this year

Every weekend in August was busy with camping trips, day trips to festivals, beach days and travel with work. The hubster spent the first weekend at a campsite with J while I stayed at home overnight, joining them for SUP the following day which was great fun, and the following week J and I went camping in my mums back garden for a mummy-daughter adventure. It was a great few weekends of toasted marshmallows, BBQ’s, garden discos and activities, and we’ve decided to go camping for a week next summer as a result

Mid-month saw me fly out to Belgium for work, heading out Sunday morning and returning the following Friday night. I missed just shy of a week of family time but despite the tiredness afterwards and missing my little crew I enjoy doing it. We spent the following weekend enjoying other’s company and visiting Victorious Festival and West Wittering

These photos were taken on a beach walk on the Saturday before I flew away. It was a cloudy day and then it turned beautiful, we played by the water, sat for these photos, had a picnic and then stopped for cake and drinks in the nearby pub – a perfect Saturday afternoon. I absolutely love these photos, especially as Lexi looks like she’s smiling in them!

In August…

Sherry loved…

  • Visiting Belgium – although it was a long week of work it was nice to spend an hour on Sunday evening exploring Liege, and sampling the local food during the week
  • Going to the beach – I adore West Wittering, and although it was busy and we didn’t stay the whole day, it was nice to be able to switch off and be with my family
  • J declaring that I was “the best mummy in the world” – I’m not even going to fluff it up, I despise doing craft, J knows I don’t enjoy it but one rainy Wednesday she asked to stay in and we cut up old magazines and made our own, resulting in her declaration to me

Hubster loved…

  • J’s newly developed catchphrase of “deal?!” whenever we make a plan with her (and her insistence on shaking our hands to ensure we keep the promise!)
  • Having brunch after I came back from Belgium. J wanted to go into kids club at the gym and our plan was to exercise, but as we hadn’t seen each other for a week we opted for breakfast and it was a lovely few hours catching up
  • Quality family time when we’ve been together, including our beach days and outdoorsy activities

J loved…

  • Spending a day with her cousin at the end of the month. She was so excited when we told her the plan that she screamed with excitement and wouldn’t stop talking about it in the 24 hours leading up to it
  • The beach and the sand…all the sand…rolling in it, burying in it, digging it… just everything about the sand!
  • All of her camping adventures

Lexi loved…

  • Playing with J at the beach

An outtake for this month of me running and not quite making it in time to the wall – too short to climb it and a camera remote playing up left me slightly short of time!


We enter September with a little bit of apprehension and excitement as J leaves nursery for school. Nursery has been a key part of her life since she was 9 months old and whilst she is so ready for school, I continue to sit and wonder where on earth the last 4 years have gone. Like most parents, I’m probably more emotional about it than my child!

I also head to my first ever blogging conference – BlogOn Xmas in Manchester towards the end of the month. If you see me please do say hi as I’m a tad nervous

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5 thoughts on “Me and Mine {August 2017}

  1. Carie

    Wow you have had a busy month and yet your photos look very tranquil and so very happy – I love the outtake, it looks like you’re break dancing!


  2. Louise

    That outtake made me chuckle. Those are lovely photos in front of the beach huts though. I love West Wittering beach as well. Hope that J is settling well into school. #meandmineproject


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