A Trip to the Farm

After hunting online for a maize maze I found one in Basingstoke at Manydown Farm. The skies looked moody on Wednesday but as we’d never been before and I had both J and her cousin we decided to go ahead with our plan. J had been asking to spend a day with her cousin for weeks and when we told her that we’d booked it in she screamed with excitement

On arrival, the grounds didn’t look huge and I didn’t expect us to spend hours upon hours there but the girls were so excited to do the bouncy castle, bouncy pillow and bouncy slide that they ran off in excitement. I stood, captured a few photos and then followed them onto the trampolines where they again bounced happily



After a quick pit stop for a snack the girls went on the mini tractors and it was adorable to watch them together pushing and trying (and failing!) to pull each other along. There’s 16 months between them but J is so tall and you could really tell the difference in ability due to her height, but her younger cousin did well and kept up with her throughout

Next stop was hay bales and tractor tyres to climb. They both climbed quickly and sang constantly ‘we’re the king of the castle…’ as I stood below and laughed at them. Because the weather wasn’t great we were one of very few people there, but that didn’t deter the girls, in fact they had so much fun bouncing and climbing around


We decided to go along to the sheep racing which quite honestly was one of the most bizarre experiences I’ve encountered but it was great fun cheering them along. J’s favourite colour is yellow and she was pleased that they won and my orange choice came last!

The maize maze for me was the great attraction and we set off with high hopes, and then it started to rain! I instantly regretted my decision, with J running off at speed taking sharp left turns and right turns, and her cousin needing the toilet once we had got near to the middle but we survived to tell the tale. I don’t like mazes and I never have if I’m to be honest, so why I decided to take them is beyond me! But they had a great time and an hour later (!) we emerged from it, soggy but happy


Before we left we went on the tractor ride, played skittles, did animal handling and fed the animals. Both girls enjoyed feeding the pigs, sheep and donkeys, and J in particular was sad to see us go in the afternoon, but they were both getting tired and ratty

It was nice to visit somewhere new, and the girls didn’t play in the sand pit or play crazy golf so the 4 hours we spent there could have been longer. Had the weather not been so cold I probably would have stayed longer but to be honest we all needed some downtime. Here are a couple more photos from our day out.


What My Fridge Says

Country Kids

Burnished Chaos


13 thoughts on “A Trip to the Farm

  1. Raisie Bay ♿ (@RaisieBay)

    It looks very much like a farm we visit, the sheep races are rather ridiculous. I was all excited to go into the maize maze but hated being lost inside it, it really scared me. the kids loved it though. I love your photos, despite the weather it looks like you all had a fun day out. #countrykids


  2. Coombe Mill

    What a lovely day out even though the weather wasn’t as good as it might have been. I’m willing to bet the kids didn’t mind at all, in fact not having to queue to use the trampolines might have been a big bonus. The maze sounds like it had the potential to go horribly wrong but in fact worked out well. I must say it does look soggy underfoot so just as well they had their wellies – I hope you did too!

    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids


  3. Hayley @Mission: Mindfulness

    You did sooooo well to keep going in the rain (I suppose when you were in the maze you had to but you know what I mean!). The kids looked like they had great fun and this just shows that they really don’t care if they get a little wet when they’re having such fun. Well done for doing the maze even though you don’t like them (I’m not keen either!). I really love the umbrella photos. You did good! xx #thesatsesh


  4. dearmummyblog

    We’ve spent many a windy day at Manydown Farm and it’s our local farm in Basingstoke! Still haven’t visited the maze yet. We tend to go down during Halloween and Lambing season. Good you had your wellies! x #CountryKids


  5. Fridgesays

    #thesatsesh ohhh Im not sure what I like best – the adventure or those sparkly gold wellies! why were wellington boots so dull when i was a child lol…a little jel!!! glad you all had fun and enjoyed despite and may be because of the down pour.


  6. Alana - Burnished Chaos

    It’s a shame about the weather, but like you say, it’s probably what deterred other people and sometimes those can be the best days because the kids can really run free. Great pictures, I know my two would love a place like that x


  7. tammymum

    Oh my two wou,d absolutely love it here! They love bouncy castles and pillows, tractors and the general outdoors. We have been to similar places and they’ve had a great time. We also watched some sheep racing recently. Like you said, very strange experience but the kids enjoyed it! I didn’t know there was such a thing as a maize maze but well done on finding one! Really looks like a great day out. Thank you for sharing at #familyfun x


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