Cousins {Ordinary Moments 3/9/17}

My cousin and I see or speak to each other most days, I class her as one of my best friends and I share most things with her. I’m the oldest – there’s just over 19 months between us – and although I was closer to her brother when we were children as we grew into our teens we became closer

We shared paper rounds as teenagers and walked round together and kept each other company, especially in the dark winter months. Teens and early twenties were spent on drunken nights out, holidays and weekends away, and although we didn’t speak every day then we remained pretty close

When I was pregnant with J my cousin announced she was going to get married the following May and wanted me to be a bridesmaid which I was honoured to do, helping her to pick her dress and take photos of her when she was getting ready on the day itself. Fast forward 9 months later and her little girl arrived, the second girl in our family and a ‘cousin’ for J



J was very excited to have a cousin and another child in the family and couldn’t wait to hold her – the first time they met she sat quietly cuddling her and then stuck stickers on her. There’s just shy of 16 months between the two girls and J considers her already to be her best friend

After weeks of her telling me she wanted to spend a day with her cousin this week I made a plan to take the two girls out for the day to a farm. J was so excited and we couldn’t stop her talking about it, with her running around the house the morning we were going to pick her up

At the farm they were as thick as thieves and spent much of the day together, although J is so fast her much smaller cousin struggled to keep up at times but she often stopped to hold her hand and they both walked together. The day itself was a breeze, they got along, there were no arguments and they played nicely, a total success


As for when they grow up, who knows if they’ll have a similar relationship to me and my cousin. One things for sure – I’m glad J has a younger cousin like I do, and it’s so nice to see them together and watch their bond develop.


The Ordinary Moments

3 thoughts on “Cousins {Ordinary Moments 3/9/17}

  1. Mummy Kate

    Cousins really are great aren’t they. I read something once which said they are somewhere between a sibling and a friend. I’m so close to a lot of my cousins and I am bringing my little girl up to be close to them too ☺️💛


  2. dearbearandbeany

    Cousins are the best aren’t they! I have one close that is more like a sister to me and I love spending time with her. My girls have a lovely relationship with their cousin and I love seeing them together x #theordinarymoments


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