Life at the Beach

And this time next week I will be mum to a school girl. She is so excited about it, and whilst I am too, I’m understandably apprehensive too

Will she fit in?

Will she like it?

Will she excel?

Will she come home smiling? 

Just a few of the many questions I have in my mind at the moment. This summer we gave her the best adventures as a carefree 4 year old. We went camping in my mums garden, camping at a campsite, went to Disney, visited Camp Bestival, went to the farm, had local beach trips, had car picnics, floor picnics in the lounge, picnics in the new forest and more BBQ’s then you can shake a stick at. It was a jam packed 6 weeks!

Every August since we’ve had J we’ve visited West Wittering. Usually towards the end of the month and usually for the full day and to take a photo as the sun is setting, but as I’d been working away the week before and had been to a festival with her on the Saturday we decided to spend a few hours by the beach and then relax at home as I was a bit tired

J loves the sand, she rolled in it, she dug it, she buried her daddy in it and was generally caked in it by the end of the day, so it’s only fitting that the photo to end our summer break is one of her at the beach. My little sand-loving girl.

Living Arrows

5 thoughts on “Life at the Beach

  1. Emma T

    I’m impressed you can stay at the beach all day. N struggles even when we’re there with all the camping friends. There’s only so much digging he can take now he’s decided he doesn’t want to body board. Hope school goes well #livingarrows


  2. Donna

    I’ve only been to West Wittering once but absolutely loved it. I can see why you go back regularly. I hope that school goes well for her – she seems like a wonderful little guy so I have no reason to think it would be anything but positive for her x


  3. lifeasmrsd

    I went to West Wittering once, the sea was miles out, and it was sooooo windy. I was not impressed! Am heading down to St Ives in a few weeks though, and I can’t wait for that! Hope your little one settles into school well, #LivingArrows


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