Your First Day at School {Ladybug Letters}

Dear J

It’s finally happened, you have started your first day at school and a new chapter of your life. The past few years have been extraordinary and I cannot believe that this week you finished nursery after 4 years there. It feels like just yesterday I was tentatively walking you into that building for the first time with a bag full of nappies and putting my trust into nursery employees I’d met only a few times before who would care for you while I went to work

Despite several changes of hours and me now working what is technically full time I have relished every minute we have had together. Our special mummy-daughter Wednesdays have been by far my favourite day of the week, and while you are so very ready for school I am only just about ready to watch you enter the next chapter of your life

In April we found out what school you would be going to and although it wasn’t our first choice, you were so excited because it was the school with the coloured jumper you wanted to wear. Sometimes it’s the small things that and if that’s what makes you happy and settle in at school then who am I to complain?

Everyone said we needed to take some photos of you in your school uniform before the big day because it’s quite often a rush of emotions on the actual day. We did these on Saturday and everyone commented on just how beautiful and grown up you looked and how fast the past 4 years and 9 months have gone. I don’t disagree at all, it feels like time has sped up since having you

I want nothing more than to watch you continue to be comfortable, happy and content as you grow up. Enjoy the school years as they will pass by in a blurry haze and you’ll find yourself a grown up in no time, wondering why you wished away your childhood and wanted to be an adult with responsibilities and bills

We decided to let you choose your school shoes, your skirt and pinafore, and we have let you choose how to wear your hair on the first day to help you settle in. You are a fiercely independent little girl, so very intelligent, full of love and empathy, and you have the curliest hair and longest legs

My darling, the only advice I can give to you is to stand tall, be bold, don’t worry about following the crowd, be proud of who you are, what you want to achieve and how you want to get there – we will be there every step of the way supporting you

We cannot wait to watch you and help you in this new chapter of life and I just wanted to take a moment to say we are so very proud of you, our beautiful little school girl.

Lots of love



Mission Mindfulness


5 thoughts on “Your First Day at School {Ladybug Letters}

  1. talkingmums1

    Hope school is going well for her. I remember those early days very well. Such a big step. Lovely letter that I’m sure will make her smile as she reads back in the future x


  2. Fridgesays

    #thesatsesh All we wants as parents is for them to stay individual and all they want is to be like everyone else…ironically, when my J was 2ish all he wanted was to get out of the pushchair and all I wanted was for him to sit still. Some things never change.


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