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I’m going to my first ever conference in a few short weeks and I’m a little bit nervous having never met anyone that’s going before. I’m really looking forward to it, even if people may look at me weird with a Christmas jumper on when at the train! The team did a linky for us to get to know each other which is fab so here goes – I’m Sherry, and here are my answers to the linky Q’s

Please share your favourite photo of you

  • I don’t really have a favourite photo of me – I quite often get someone else in the photo to take attention away from me! This one was taken some 8 years ago at my sister’s 21st birthday when I wasn’t looking. I look young, happy and healthy, and it was a great party overall


If you could choose a band to play in your garden for your birthday, who would you pick?

  • Snow Patrol or Feeder, both are favourites of mine and I’m lucky enough to have seen both live

What do you take with you for long visits to the toilet?

  • Often a magazine accompanies me and failing that, my good old iPhone

What word can’t you spell?

  • Definitely  (auto correct instantly moved the E and L to the right position!) I’ve never been able to conquer it!

What’s the most unusual job you’ve ever had?

  • Erm, next question? I’ve always had really stereotypical jobs

Knitting, sewing or crotchet?

  • Knitting, every year I knit a scarf for J, here is last years


Without looking it up, what is a jerkinhead?

  • No idea, it sounds like youth speak (am I old by saying ‘youth speak’…) I checked afterwards and there are two definitions coming up, I wonder which one!

If you could have as much of one food as you wanted forever, what would it be?

  • Nachos and cheese, accompanied by a large glass of Diet Coke. Sadly I can’t have any of these any more

What is the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

  • Lone travel is by far the scariest thing I’ve done but it’s so exhillerating. I explored Manhattan on my own for 24 hours and drove from Toronto to New York on my own, stopping to explore Niagra Falls

If you needed a getaway driver, who would you choose?

  • My best friend RH, she has the fastest car I know and would drive pretty fast if I needed her to

Would you rather live in Narnia or at Hogwarts?

  • Narnia all the way, we’re actually going to a Narnia Christmas event and I’m so excited! (I’ve never read or seen Harry Potter… please don’t judge me!)

What snack food says ‘Christmas’ to you?

  • My mums quiche and vol-au-vents

Is there life on Mars?

  • I don’t think so no, but I think there is life out there somewhere

Which Christmas movie would you be a character in, and who would play you?

  • I would be in love actually and play the part of Colin Firth’s housekeeper. Who doesn’t love a bit of Colin Firth? If I wasn’t allowed to be in it and have a smooch with him, I think Julia Roberts would be brilliant. She’s the total opposite to me in looks and height, but she’s stunning and I love her acting

What are you proudest of?

So that’s a bit about me! Thanks for reading, and I look forward to meeting you in ‘real life’ in a few short weeks

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11 thoughts on “BlogOn Xmas Jumper Linky – Life at Cooks Cabin

  1. Jenny @thebrickcastle

    Those are fascinating answers – go you for travelling in America alone – that is a really huge thing. I think you must be braver than you know! It’s definitely the Collins definition – I hadn’t realised there was a different one when I wrote that 😀
    On behalf of myself and the BlogOn team, thank you for taking part – see you there! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. thegermanwife

    oh i love a bit of Julia Roberts she is an amazing actress! And haha to choosing to be Collin Firths housekeeper what a random but funny answer! I shall see you at BlogOn soon and no need to be nervous there are always such lovely bunch of bloggers attending it will be lots of fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Tim

    Enjoy! BlogOn is such a friendly conference and probably the best one to choose for your first event, as it’s large enough without being too big and overwhelming. If you see me, do say hi (I’m not difficult to spot in a crowd …)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Sherry Cook

      Thanks Tim – I recall a blog post from you at a different conference, explaining that it was the total opposite so I’m glad i’ve picked a good ‘first timer’ one. Do say hi if you see me too – I’ll probably be looking a bit lost!


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