My Weekly List {15/9/17}

I used to do a weekly list on here to review what I’d loved that week, or what we found hard but I stopped and I can’t quite remember why

There’s been a lot of change here in recent weeks and there’s been some areas that I’d like to change. With everything going on I’ve felt those grey skies try to break through again – those very grey skies that I’ve tried my best to avoid for the past year or so

The hubster and I often do a ‘3 things we’ve love’ to reflect on some difficult days to find the best points, and so I’m going to resurrect my weekly thoughts on here and to keep those grey skies away

  • I’m grateful that J has enjoyed her first week of school and that the school run hasn’t been too difficult so far
  • I’m thankful for one of my colleagues helping me out this week at work
  • The sun has come out which made me smile on Wednesday
  • I’m pleased that I had eggs and cheese again, I enjoyed my week of vegan life but I relied heavily on vegan friendly peanut butter sandwiches
  • I am grateful for the hubster showing me how to use the free weights section of the gym and helping to build my confidence
  • We went for a walk on Saturday to one of our favourite spots in the New Forest and it was a gorgeous day with lots of autumnal colours



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