A Week of School {Ordinary Moments 17/9/17}

Well the first full week is done and dusted and despite a slight hiccup on Monday when the teacher asked to speak to me afterwards it was a resounding success! Is it just me that gets petrified when the teacher asks you to wait behind to speak to you? – I felt like I’d done something wrong, but it wasn’t anything bad thank goodness just J getting a little teary on the first lunch break

We realised very quickly that we have far too much time in the mornings now. We both alternate the school runs and where we used to leave the house at 7:15am on the dot, our mornings were spent in military precision without issue. Leaving a whole hour and a bit later at 8:30am means we have a whole extra hour spare which has resulted in zero washing as we entered the weekend and several hoover sessions throughout the house. The dog will be enjoying her walks more too!

My Wednesday was spent without J for the first time in months and if I’m to be honest, I clock watched the entire time and felt a little lost – like a limb was missing. Albeit an annoying at times, non stop talking one, but I missed my little ladybug

She keeps asking if each day is a school day and she’s slowly getting her head round the fact that she goes to school the same days every week as both me and her daddy and she asked if she’d be getting paid too!

All in all, I am one proud mummy of my little girl and although I’m in my early thirties, I do feel too young to have a school age child. Please tell me I’m not alone?

The Ordinary Moments


4 thoughts on “A Week of School {Ordinary Moments 17/9/17}

  1. Donna

    It sounds like she has settled in so well. That time in the mornings must be amazing – even just to slow down a little and not feel so rushed. I hope this week is going just as well x


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