My Weekly List {29/09/17}

This week has been a real whirlwind and while I’m glad it’s Friday and the weekend is nearly upon us I’m not quite sure where it went! It’s been a hard week with J, she is struggling with the full time school hours and is so tired. She asked if she also gets paid because she goes to school the same days I go to work which made me laugh but also made her realise just how full on life is now she’s a school girl. And so here is my list for this week:

  • On Sunday I went to BlogOnXmas in Manchester for my first ever blogging conference and I loved every minute of it. I was so nervous beforehand, but everyone was so nice and friendly, and I’m planning on going again next year
  • We visited Chester Zoo on Saturday and saw baby elephants and my favourite animal, giraffes. I was sceptical beforehand about how good the zoo would be but it’s brilliant and I’d recommend it to anyone
  • I met a lovely blogger who I’ve been talking to on Instagram in person on Wednesday and we had a great morning walking her dog and catching up over a cuppa
  • One of my friends asked to have Lexi when we go away next (even though Lexi is allowed to stay with us) because she misses her. It made me smile as no one’s asked to have the dog before
  • I met some great, like minded, local people at BlogOnXmas who I’m looking forward to seeing at Blog Camp on Board next week
  • I found my creative side and did my first ever flatly using props to define my blog. It represents outdoors, travel, adventure, festivals and photography. I really like the outcome




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