An Excited Face {Living Arrows 2/10/17}

You know when you have one of those weeks where you just don’t take any photos? This was one of them – J hasn’t been on her usual top form, has been losing her voice on and off through the week and we haven’t taken her out and about for fear she’ll end up worse off

She’s been generally fine throughout and is her happy usual self with the occasional warm head, which makes us think it’s a virus. I hope she’s better soon as I really want my little sidekick back this weekend

This photo is from Saturday. Keycraft kindly sent through some TOOGOO and some Shrinkles for J to play with and she was so excited as I unpacked the parcel and instantly jumped in my shots as I tried to take a photo of the items. We’ll be playing with the Shrinkles kit over the course of the week but the TOOGOO has been played with already – she found it from my little hiding spot!

Living Arrows

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