Autumn Love {Blogtober #3}

Long nights, cosy knits, warm socks and a crisp smell in the air on a walk…what’s not to love about autumn? It is by far my most favourite season and I have a constant pull to get out and about and explore the fields, and to walk under the trees as they start turning gorgeous shades to represent the end of summer



For me summer is overrated – it’s never as warm as everyone wants it to be and on the rare days we get higher temperatures everyone moans about it. The beaches are often overcrowded, the parks don’t allow my daughter and dog to roam freely and I find myself counting down the days of August and September through to my favourite months. The months where I can watch my daughter and dog run freely through the fields without a care in the world, and where I can walk and admire the beauty of it without bumping into someone every 5 minutes


The most vivid sunsets and sunrises are in Autumn, and I find myself drawn to the  bold shades of orange, red and purple. It’s the most colourful season and you’ll often see me walking through leaves on the ground while looking up and around to admire the beauty of this beautiful season


As the nights draw in and temperatures lower we find ourselves curling up in warm cosy houses. Candlelit evenings and a warm blanket on the sofa can’t be beaten, but let’s not forget that there’s something special about heading outside to explore this beautiful season.  Layering ourselves up in woolly hats and coats with a scarf to match before returning home with noses cold from the chill in the air to delicious marshmallows and hot chocolate

Autumn, by far the most beautiful season, with so much promise and so many colours.


Mission Mindfulness


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