The World of Podcasts

I’m pretty new to the world of podcasts, I used to think they were really geeky and would be of absolutely no interest to me, but after listening to several audiobooks this summer I decided to try podcasts for my commute and they’ve revolutionised my journies to and from work. They make me laugh, make me think, and quite often I arrive at the office without really thinking about the traffic I’ve sat in for what always feels like forever

I listen to a variety of podcasts and these include Scummy Mummies, Not Another Mummy Podcast, Bryony Gordon’s Mad World, Happy Mum, Happy Baby and even children’s podcasts for when J is in the car. They’re all refreshing, down to earth and easy to listen to, and I favour these in place of music most days

Yesterday I went to a blogging conference and Alison Perry from Not Another Mummy Blog presented on podcasting, how to set it up, how to promote it and other associated information. I found it very insightful and really nice to listen to as I admire her podcasts

While I love YouTube videos I find that it’s not possible for me to watch every video I want in the limited time I currently have (mainly because it’s illegal to watch videos while driving!) and that podcasts have easily fit into my morning and evening routines. They’re pretty integral to the routines now, and it was great to hear someone talk about it so enthusiastically and give the background to it from her perspective

Will I do podcasts? I don’t know. Currently I’m a wife, mum, employee, photographer and blogger and I just don’t feel I have the time right now, but I definitely like the idea of them, and as long as people keep making them, I’ll keep listening to them.

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7 thoughts on “The World of Podcasts

  1. Karen

    My Husband loves podcasts and listens regularly but I’ve never really paid them much attention at all for some reason, but you’ve inspired me to give them a go, I love reading blogs and anything thought provoking and insightful is definitely worth a try. Thank you. #thesatsesh


  2. Lisa Pomerantz

    I listen to podcasts all the time. In the car, during my lunch at work. I’ve never thought to ake one. Cool concept. The TED radio talks are especially interesting to me. Thanks for this post! #thesatsesh


  3. Fridgesays

    #thesatsesh I love a podcast on my commute and even use them when doing ‘hurricane housework’ – super fast cleaning with little care and carnage in my wake…anyway, I find they make me feel like I’m using my time better…I’m not sure I have the voice for podcasting though?


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