A Day in the Forest {Blogtober #7}

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I’ve been meaning to write up our adventure in the New Forest for a while as it was a perfect day prior to J starting school. We went to Bolderwood in the New Forest to see the deer and do the Gruffalo Spotters Trail, something we’ve done in Cheshire but not in Hampshire

As we arrived in Bolderwood we realised we weren’t the only ones with the same idea and struggled to park. J spotted an ice cream van in the car park so with the promise of an ice cream at the end we set to work on the trail, reciting the Gruffalo story words as we walked round

I’d recommend this trail to anyone and we’ve seen so many people who wouldn’t normally be out walking doing similar. In this day and technological age it’s something I’m passionate about keeping up with J as she grows older

We followed another family on the trail who hadn’t downloaded the app. One of the best things about it was seeing the animations as you hovered over the images, so we let them use my phone and J kept asking to keep up with them to show the children the animations

We ended with some deer next to us and while I took a couple of photos J parked up on a log and sang Moana to herself and to every passer by. She loves singing and often turns most sentences into song

We stopped with an ice cream, a picnic and a very friendly horse who tried eating everyone’s food! The walk was lovely, we had some great mother daughter time and we both felt refreshed for having had our outdoors adventure.

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